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Medium Writing Course Exclusive Discount for Subscribers

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Medium Writing Course

Hey everyone!

Just a friendly reminder that my Medium course launched October 12, 2020.

When I decided to make a course on Medium writing, my #1 goal was to produce a high quality guide at an affordable price.

When I started on Medium a few years ago, there were hardly any resources for new writers, or writers looking to increase their earnings. The only option was a $400 course which seemed crazy to me as a new writer!

As I built Medium Blogging Guide, I’ve tried to give away at least 99% of my best content for free. And I feel like I’ve done that.

However, I still have received numerous requests to do an up-to-date course summarizing key Medium strategies and instructional content in one easy to read format.

The course consists of two things:

  1. 158 Page eBook filled with my collective Medium knowledge
  2. 21 short video modules where I demonstrate most of the Medium formatting techniques.

The book will be useful for writers on Medium at pretty much any level.

If you are relatively new to Medium, the formatting videos will probably be extremely useful (maybe useful to some more experienced Medium writers, but primarily for beginners).

This course is already significantly cheaper than the $400 course I saw years ago.

The course will launch on October 12, 2020 for 39.99.

This is a one time offer, and my way of letting loyal readers who have appreciated my content (and want to learn more about Medium), get this course at what I feel is an extremely reasonable price.

Additionally, if you are not already a paid Blogging Guide subscriber, I am offering the Medium Writing Course + Blogging Guide Newsletter Access (1 Year) + bonus Blogging Guide eBooks + digital tools bundle for only $69.99!

This price is also a one time offer, so if you were considering subscribing, I’d highly suggest you take advantage of this offer!

Click the link for details on both offerings!

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Casey Botticello


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