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1 Huge Blogging Opportunity That 99.9% Of Bloggers Don’t Take Advantage Of

Blogging lesson 14 of 150

“Tom, this program is so incredible because you’re just so kind and generous.”


Someone in my LinkedIn Sprint program told me that the other day.

I was blown away.

And it reminded me of an old blog post I wrote..

A while back I wrote about how the best “marketing strategy” for bloggers was to give a damn. I thought it might be the perfect time to talk about that again..

I used to work at Disney 8 years ago.

Every morning before our restaurant opened we’d ask a child to come to the front of the store.

We had huge metal doors that would open and close at the push of a button, and so we took that opportunity to make magic.

We’d ask the children to “use the force” to open the restaurant.

When they raised their hands in Jedi-like fashion, we’d press the button to open the doors.

Behind them would be a massive cupcake big enough for Chewbacca to eat, and a big smile would form on the faces of our guests.

It was so fun.

Let me ask you a question..

Do you think they’ll ever forget that?

The answer is not in a million fucking years.

I still remember when I met Pluto when I was 5 years old.

You bet that kid, and their family, will remember that moment for life.

That’s called going above and beyond for your people.

That’s the kinda shit that gave me pride to work at Disney.

It’s the kinda stuff that you need to tap into as a writer.

Go Above And Beyond For Your Readers, Because All The Big Name Writers Don’t Have Time For That

“He doesn’t care about people,” said my friend.

We were talking about a big name writer you’ve probably heard of.

The general vibe he gives off is “I don’t give a fuck about you, peon.”

Wanna know why?

Because he never responds to comments, despite preaching on and on about empathy, kindness, and how to live a more fulfilling life.

Granted, I do a bad job responding to comments too sometimes, but it’s not like I NEVER respond to them.

Here is your competitive advantage, writers.

Instead of clapping for responses, or favoriting tweet replies, why not respond back, follow that person, and respond to one of their posts?

Why not send them a personal message?

“Hey! Thanks for commenting on my tweet today. It’s super nice to meet you Jason!”

You just made that person’s day. You showed them why the internet is such a cool place.

Instead of them yelling into the abyss, begging top writer man (or anyone) to give them attention and them not getting it, you decided to give it to them!

You were the one to give them an unforgettable reply, or their first follower, or a nice message in the DM’s.

You think they’ll remember that shit?

What if you do that for 100 people?

Think they’ll remember you?

Think it’ll be easy for you to build an audience of 100 true fans if you do this?

Sure it will.

And the big name bloggers CAN’T do that.

So that’s your competitive advantage.

The answer isn’t to go viral.

It’s right in front of you.

It’s that person who just commented on your post.

Sure, you won’t make a thousand dollars by responding to that 1 person right now.

But if you do it enough…

With time…

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