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How Many Times Should You Write Per Week?

Blogging lesson 18 of 150


I live in Mexico City.

Here the streets are so much fun.

You hear people selling stuff all day long down below, and they quite literally shout out what they’re selling to people at the top of their lungs.

“Nieve!” (Ice cream)


*LOUD COW BELL* (Warning you that the trash truck is here)

All day long you hear sounds from down below.

This is marketing — albeit a different kind from what I’m used to.

Go anywhere in Mexico — street corners, parks, restaurants — there’s people coming up to you to sell you something or they’re shouting from the top of their lungs what they’re selling.

It’s part of what makes Mexico, well, Mexico.

I love it.

Don’t look now, but we kind of do the same thing on social media.

With every tweet, blog, or post.

We’re shouting out who we are and what we do.

So how often should you step on your soapbox, then?

How many times should you tweet per week?

How many times should you blog per week?

How many LinkedIn posts should you write per week?

(If you want to learn how to write every day on LinkedIn for 30 days, consider signing up for my free course.)

All fantastic questions.

Let’s get into it.

Write 2 Times Per Week At Least

I’ll make a few assumptions about you real quick.

You want to make money with your content.


You want to:

  • Sell something or
  • Find a job or
  • Make money with the Medium Partner Program

With that goal in mind, creating less than 2 posts per week is pointless.

Whether it’s blog posts or LinkedIn posts.

If you like tweeting, I’d say you need to tweet at least two days per week, too.

Since Twitter is short form, I’d recommend posting 5–6 tweets per day.

The point is: Being active 2 times per week on any platform is the bare minimum.

Anything less than that and people will forget you exist.

Write At Most 5 Times Per Week

“But Tom, you write 7 days per week on LinkedIn and tell others to do the same!”

Look, my LinkedIn Sprints are designed to accelerate LinkedIn learning.

That’s why we post 7 days per week for 30 days straight.

But look, I’m being a bad boy right now.

I’m telling you one thing and doing another. Why?

Because I want you to relax.

It’s a mistake to make your whole life about creating content.

I want you to take weekends off.

Any monetary gains you get from posting on weekends is not worth the stress that posting on weekends creates.

Remember that.

Keep Your Goal In Mind, Please

What’s your goal as a creator?

To make a little extra money per month?

Are you like, in super dire straits? Do you NEED to make money ASAP?

Or do you have a full-time job?

How often you post should correlate with how much you NEED to grow on social media.

If you got a 6-month emergency fund, a full-time job, and several investments, you don’t need to slave away on Twitter 7 days a week.

If you want to change your entire life within the span of a year, you better get on the horse and kick it with your spurs.

Keep your goal in mind. Don’t give in to comparison.

Post anywhere from 2–5 times per week on social media.

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If you want to learn how to write every day on LinkedIn for 30 days, consider signing up for my free course.



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