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How To Make Money On Medium For The Rest Of 2021

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What’s up, everyone?

It’s Tom Kuegler from Medium.

Hey, I wanted to let you know I’m putting on a live workshop TOMORROW, July 14, at 7:00 PM EST. It’s my flagship workshop “How To Make An Extra $1,000 Per Month On Medium

I’ll be broadcasting LIVE from Mexico City. :) I hope to see you there! Normally I do these workshops at 2 PM, but I figured 7 PM EST might be better for people who have work during the day.

It’s a 45-minute presentation where you can learn a little about how I built a following of over 50,000 on Medium, and how I’ve made over $50,000 writing here on the Partner Program!

Just for a little perspective, some 10,000+ people have attended this workshop over the last 3 years.

There will be replays sent, there will be a Q/A at the end, and there will be a special present for you at the end, too.

In the hour-long presentation you’ll learn:

  1. Why writing is a skill that anybody can learn.
  2. How to write blog posts in under 30 minutes.
  3. How to write blog posts every single day.
  4. Why Medium is the best place to get paid as a writer (and how to earn a lot of money there).

Sign up for it right here.

See you there, people! :)

Tom Kuegler




Writing tips. 3 times per week. From somebody who has 50K followers on Medium.

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Tom Kuegler

Travel blogger. 28 years old. Currently in Mexico. Get my free 5-day Medium course via email →

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