Like It Or Not, The Best Medium Writers Are The Most Popular Ones

Photo by Melanie Deziel on Unsplash

The other day I fired off a tweet asking people who the GOAT’s of Medium were.

GOAT stands for greatest of all time.

One person got a little upset at me for even asking the question.

I think they were pissed for two reasons:

  1. It’s impossible to determine who the GOAT of Medium is to them.
  2. They were upset because they weren’t one of the GOAT’s.

When I mentioned a few popular writers who I thought were in the discussion, this person said “Oh, so basically the Florida Georgia Line of Medium?”

It was a hilarious quip, I’ll give them that, but let’s discuss something..

Let’s not act like popularity doesn’t correlate with writing ability.

I understand that some popular writers are hacks that prey on human psychology for clicks.

But they still got to make people read their shit.

They still have to write sentences that keep people’s eyes moving down the page.

I may think that (insert self help bro here) is a hack, but I will never say that they’re not talented.

Sure, art is subjective, but when mobs of people love a certain writer, they probably have good reason to.

And by the way, do we really want to believe the opposite?

Do we really want to believe that popularity DOESN’T correlate with writing ability?

Sure, you might not like Florida Georgia Line but the reality is that millions of people gobble their new songs up like my dogs do with a steak dinner.

Bill Maher had a beautiful segment on this recently.

Someone wrote a Rolling Stone article lamenting about how 90% of streams go to 1% of artists. Bill lambasted it.

The author of the article writes:

“Today’s streaming landscape looks a lot like the music industry used to… a small class of artists see not just the majority of activity, but damn near all of it.”

To which Bill quipped “Yes, these are the good ones.”

He continued:

“Let me get this straight. Talented artists people like are listened to more than untalented ones they don’t?” *Audience laughs* “Yes that’s meritocracy if someone didn’t like your song your mommy can’t make them listen to it. You know why 99% of artists aren’t getting heard? Because music is hard and most people suck at it.”

The same is true for Medium.

Sure, a few talented writers fall through the cracks, but for the most part the best writers are the most popular.

And when Medium tried to convince us that they knew what us readers wanted to read more than we even did, a gigantic waste of money and company resources ensued.

They created Medium-owned publications that, in hindsight, weren’t generating the kind of revenue they expected.

Translation: Not as many people cared about the content they tried to ram down our throats.

Does it mean the content wasn’t quality?

No, it was quality.

It’s just that we didn’t want it.

AKA the content that the market wanted won in the end.

Nobody wants to live in a world where they can’t listen, read, watch, or consume the creators they want.

And it just so happens that, for the mob, the “creators they want” are the most popular ones.

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