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This Shocking Advice Will Create Haters, But It Will Also Make People Love You

Blogging lesson 15 of 150

“I remember you kicked someone off your live stream..

..and that sold me on your program.”

I remember that day.

Someone was being an ass on my webinar.

Instead of leave, they trashed me the whole show.

“This is boring.”

“Can you just GET TO IT already!?”


At the end somebody told me “Hey Tom, (insert jerk’s name here) didn’t get their question answered.”

I took a deep breath, and said:

“I’m not going to answer their question because they were trashing me this whole show. Sorry not sorry.”

Then I ended the live stream after some light goodbyes.

When the live show ended, I felt horrible. I let my emotions get the best of me. I wanted to serve that jerk some justice.

A few months later, someone who bought my LinkedIn Sprint told me this very reaction actually sold her on my other writing course.

She felt like I was a real person.

Like I wasn’t some snake oil salesman.

She actually trusted me MORE after my exploits!

All because I showed my true self.

I learned a big lesson that day — that we have to be ourselves online for better or for worse.

People Will Judge You No Matter What — So Just Be Yourself

I’m a really weird writer.

On one hand I’m a brash, outspoken guy who will write pretty much anything I want to online.

In person, though, I’m pretty mild-mannered and love to hear other people talk, even when I disagree with them.

I’m an opinionated guy.

And instead of try to “water down” my real personality on social media, I’ve decided to steer directly into it.

The people who like me like me. The people who won’t, don’t.

The point is, you’re going to get lovers and haters no matter what. Might as well be yourself while getting them.

You don’t need to be this polished, professional writer who everybody loves.

God that sounds boring, by the way.

No. Stir up some drama. Say what you feel. React how you want to react.

The trust you build by showing your true self is more powerful than faking niceness for likes.

That’s the lesson.

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