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We’ve Been Defining ‘Writing Success’ All Wrong 😟

Blogging lesson 13 of 150

“Tom, it’s been my lowest performing post yet,” she said.

I felt bad immediately.

I should be the guy showing her how to post.

She should be getting MORE views, not less.

As I berated myself in my head as a writing coach, I saw something that changed this tale from a tragedy to a fairy-tale ending.

You see, this person actually tried something new.

They pushed themselves as a creator.

They made a picture in Canva that blew my mind!

And they posted it to LinkedIn.

In that moment I realized that how we define “success” as a creator needs to change.


  • Views matter
  • Likes matter
  • Comments matter
  • DM’s matter
  • Sales matter

But really,

  • Experimentation matters
  • Getting out of our comfort zone matters
  • Trying matters
  • Braving the unknown matters

These things matter, too!

Sometimes to get more views, we need to experiment.

We need to see what works and what doesn’t.

And I get it.

Experimenting and failing makes us feel like sh*t.

But understand something:

It’s way harder to discover a NEW form of content that does well than copy the tried-and-true content that came before.

You can be a popular creator but also be creatively bankrupt.

I see it all the time.

Popular writers just copying the work of innovators.

They see that writing about X topic gets views, so all of a sudden they’re interested in X topic and become an expert in X topic overnight.

I have way more respect for the innovators.

The ones who make their own lane.

The ones who take risks.

As far as I’m concerned, you’re successful as a blogger if you:

  • Experiment
  • Practice daily
  • Seek out criticism
  • Share your darkest stories
  • Try to help as many people as possible

You’re successful if you do that.

You might’ve noticed I’m talking about mindset more lately.

That’s because mindset is important in writing. Without it, you’ll quit after you publish blog post #2.

We’re walking through a progression of lessons right now designed to take you from blogging novice to blogging expert.

First we covered ideas, and now we’re covering mindset.

We’ll continue to progress our newsletter content as we go.

Thanks for following along. See you this Wednesday.

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