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What’s Medium Going To Be Like In 2022? 🤔

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Hello everyone!

Want to talk about what Medium’s going to be like in 2022?

Let’s discuss!

Next Tuesday I’m doing a LIVE workshop talking about how to make an extra $1,000 per month on Medium. Afterwards I’d love to talk about the future of Medium.

You can sign up for the workshop right here.

To whet your appetite, here’s some of my initial things to look out for..

1. Possible increase in earnings for those on the Partner Program after Medium kicks out those who don’t meet the requirements.

Medium recently dropped these requirements for any writer who wants to be in the Partner Program.👇 After January comes around, everyone who doesn’t meet the below requirements will be kicked out:

Less people earning in the Partner Program should, in theory, result in more earnings for those IN the program.

2. What Medium’s recent acquisitions of Projector and Knowable mean for the platform

Medium recently spent the big bucks to acquire two big startups named Knowable and Projector.

What do these acquisitions mean for the platform in 2022? Let’s talk about it.

3. Will Referring Medium Members matter in 2022?

Medium recently made it possible for writers to refer Medium members and earn commissions for doing so.

Will this be a viable option to earn money in 2022 on Medium?

I have strong opinions.. 😈

What else we’ll cover in the webinar…

  • How some of the most popular Medium writers made $5,000+ per month since 2018.
  • How I became a writer at the Huffington Post with no social media following.
  • How I built a following of 10,000+ followers on Medium in one year.
  • How to write a blog post in under one hour every single day.

Click here to sign up for the free workshop. It happens next Tuesday, December 14, at 2 PM EST.

I hope to see you there to discuss the future of Medium. :)

Tom Kuegler



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Tom Kuegler

Tom Kuegler


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