I had been thinking for a long time about the next turn of the screw that should be applied to Blogpocket.

2017 was the year in which we started mobile friendly. And we have also worked in 2018 to design a method to achieve a fast, safe blog, prepared for SEO and optimized for mobile.

After many conversations with my friend and colleague Alberto Gómez; and after the effort of adapting to the GDPR, I realized that Blogpocket is crying out for a new step forward. A more ambitious change in its objectives.

And in those, I read a post by Fernando Tellado in which he talked about, a project whose foundation consists in being more friendly with the planet. If Blogpocket is already friends with mobile devices and the RGPD, why not turn it into green and sustainable? That consumes little CO₂ in short.

Commit to our followers, offering Blogopedia, but also contribute to the sustainability of the planet, making Blogpocket reduce its carbon footprint as much as possible.

Alberto Gómez has started his personal blog based on the susty theme. Bravo!

Learn how to create a sustainable WordPress blog, with no CO emisiones emissions of just 5 KB.

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