NOT Ordinary

It’s not that difficult to be extraordinary. Just be NOT ordinary!

Let me tell you about Johnny the Bagger. Johnny has Down Syndrome and worked as a bagger at a grocery store. Baggers at the grocery store serve an important purpose, but they aren’t known as being high up on the food chain.

Johnny was different. He chose to be NOT ordinary. Each night he went home and wrote out thoughts for the day. As he bagged groceries, he slipped a thought for the day into the bags. This small NOT ordinary act transformed his place of work. His line was three times longer than the other check out lines. People were so enamored with his small act of love that they were willing to wait to have Johnny bag their groceries. Some people who typically visited the store once a week made an effort to come in more often-just to see Johnny and get one of his quotes. Want to learn more about Johnny? Click here.

Here are some other examples of NOT ordinary:

The Beloved Garbage Man

13 Reasons Why Not

Dallas Principal

The NOT ordinary acts in these examples are not hard. They’re small. They’re just, well-NOT ordinary.

This idea has me thinking- How can one do a job in a NOT ordinary way?

Look around and see how “most” people do your same job. Then consider something small you can do that is different from how others do the job.

It’s simple!

NOT ordinary=extraordinary