Big Data Energy

Those of us who have it don’t need to flaunt it. Those who want it will probably never know what it is. If you have to ask whether you have it, then you probably don’t.

You know what I’m talking about. BDE. Big Data Energy.

It’s that extra spring in our step as we jaunt off to a meeting, knowing we don’t have to bullshit clients about the quality of our data. It’s that second cup of coffee that we have after closing a deal because, you know what? We deserve it.

Some of our competitors sure act like they have it. They talk a big game — “We are proud to be the world’s biggest provider of location data!” they say. Well, they can’t all be the biggest. That’s not how math works.

Here at X-Mode, we don’t just bask in our Big Data Energy — though we know we could. We don’t inflate our numbers, or make false promises. We let the data speak for itself. And believe me, it speaks loudly.

Other companies may offer more data points than us. We’re not going to deny that. But offering scale is easy enough when you don’t care about quality. Nearly 80% of the bidstream data offered by bigger providers has to be thrown out. That is Small Data Energy. Micro-Data, even.

We don’t play that way at X-Mode. To quote Mark Twain — whose Data Energy was up there with the best of them — “it’s not about the size of the dog in the fight. It’s about the size of the fight in the dog.”

70% of our location data is accurate to within 20 meters or less. I’d call that a hell of a lot of fight. I’d call that Big Data Energy.

Any questions?

By: Joseph Green

Joseph is currently a student at Emerson College, where he studies Visual Media and Communication. As Content Creator, Joseph develops engaging content via blog posts, push notifications, and ad-copy. Joseph also draws upon his research skills to help contextualize the company’s place within larger technological and social trends in the industry.