The Data We Deserve, Not the Data We Need Right Now.

When Robert Oppenheimer split the atom, or when Albert Einstein identified the Theory of General Relativity before him, I’m sure neither of them knew what the exact consequences of their discoveries would be; we often times can’t predict that.

We live in a gray world disguised as a black and white one. You can create something spectacular for the good of the world, but someone, somewhere, may still use it for nefarious means. When it comes to location data the same applies. For example, yes your phone is being tracked and your location data is being collected but what happens with that is solely on the provider (you also have the choice to turn your location settings off). X-Mode’s SDK might I add is completely anonymous however, unlike some of our bid-stream using competitors.

A recent example of data being used for justice happened in the case of Michael Cohen. The FBI asked for — and received — historical location data on two of Michael Cohen’s cell phones covering the five weeks before the 2016 presidential election as part of the investigation into potential campaign finance violations, records unsealed on Tuesday reveal ( This might not have turned out so good for Michael Cohen, but justice was still served. This is one example of how collecting the location of a device can be beneficial.

Once again, whether or not this data is used for good is up to all the human beings involved — not the underlying technology. At X-Mode we’re launching an initiative to use that data to affect real, positive change. We can help non-profits reach a target audience and help bring calls to action to fruition. On a larger scale, the data collected can help bring down human-trafficking rings or terrorist cells. We do this because we believe our technology should serve people, not the other way around.

By: Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a former music producer for Grammy-nominated production group Infared Ink. He graduated with a BA in Mass Communications from Arizona State University and previously worked as Digital Marketing Manager and Consultant at KETOJO and Social Media Manager for As Content Marketing Manager, Kevin is responsible for inbound marketing strategies including social media, emails, and digital lead generation via content curation. Kevin develops engaging content to attract and retain customers as well as potential clients. His main goal is to expand our company’s digital footprint and brand awareness.