Vote or Die Trying

I’m writing this today from the comfort of my couch. Do you know why? Because X-Mode Social gave everyone in the company the day off to make sure we could vote. That’s ten points for X-Mode, and minus a billion for every company not looking out for their workers’ voting rights.

Today’s going to be a big day. Across the country, millions of Americans are being given the opportunity to make their voices heard and impact the most powerful government on the planet. Exciting, right? Well, it could be: as long as you actually go out and vote.

Seriously. Go do it.

The midterm elections may not seem as “sexy” as the big dance that’s coming in two years, but this year every vote counts. So many states are on the cusp of some major political restructuring and overhaul, and one of them is probably yours. Whether it’s fracking in Colorado, marijuana legalization, or even data & internet privacy regulations, you have the opportunity to decide the outcome.

At X-Mode we have worked hard to make voting accessible for our employees. The data suggest we are on the right side of history. Mid-term voter registrations are higher than ever before because people are paying attention. Just this past Voter Registration Day, a record 800,000 people registered to vote in a single day (via CNN). With a myriad of resources and outlets available to each individual, ignorance is no longer an excuse not to vote.

So, if you haven’t already, get out there and vote. And if you made your employees come to work today, why do you hate democracy?

Be like X-Mode. Give a **** about democracy.

By: Kevin Johnson

Kevin is a former music producer for Grammy-nominated production group Infared Ink. He graduated with a BA in Mass Communications from Arizona State University and previously worked as Digital Marketing Manager and Consultant at KETOJO and Social Media Manager for As Content Marketing Manager, Kevin is responsible for inbound marketing strategies including social media, emails, and digital lead generation via content curation. Kevin develops engaging content to attract and retain customers as well as potential clients. His main goal is to expand our company’s digital footprint and brand awareness.