Why X-Mode?

For the past few weeks, since my company Trend Pie merged with X-Mode, I have received 4 main responses from the people in my life.

  1. “Oh no, isn’t that like losing your first born child?” (No, it isn’t.)
  2. “Oh, so you’re basically retired, right? Like, you never have to work again?” (God, no. To both.)
  3. “So, when are you starting your next company?” (I have no idea! But when the right idea comes along, believe me, you’ll hear about it.)
  4. “Why X-Mode?”

Hmm. This last one requires a bit of a longer answer, I think.
When I started this entrepreneurial journey in my college dorm room in 2015 I knew almost no one in business. I had no mentors, no experience, and no one I could trust in the tech space for guidance. A few months down the line, through a cold email, I connected with the founder of an app called Drunk Mode. Our business relationship took off quite quickly and we became good friends in the process. This founder’s name was Joshua Anton and he is now the CEO of X-Mode Social.

The close-knit relationship we have had over the past years is something I have always valued. Trend Pie became a part of X-Mode and X-Mode became a part of Trend Pie — unofficially. In addition to the countless ways for the two companies to work together, our similar style of management and culture is what made the relationship work.

Company culture is something I have always believed in. One of the biggest question marks about an acquisition to me was: “What happens if I sell to a company I don’t fit well in?” or even worse, “what happens if I sell to a company I think I fit well with until 2 months down the road when it is already too late?” The best part of having my own business wasn’t being my own boss, or setting my own hours — it was being able to personally choose who I spend my time working with. Knowing I would be joining the X-Mode team gave me the same feeling you would get if you were visiting your 5 closest college friends for the weekend after years of being disconnected.
While I have been growing Trend Pie for the past three years I have also been looking for ways to grow Trend Pie to its full potential.

After seeing the insane growth that X- Mode has seen in the just the past year, I am confident there is no other team in the world who I would trust more to carry Trend Pie into the future. Not only does X-Mode already understand my business, but they also believe in what Trend Pie can achieve. X-Mode has become, in my opinion, one of the hottest, on the rise companies in the US. Innovation, disruption, consistency, and value are just four of the words I use when I describe X-Mode to someone who doesn’t understand the tech space that well.

Now let me ask you: why would you not want to become a part of such an innovative, disruptive, forward-thinking company? It seems like a no brainer right? That’s the reason I find it kind of funny how many people ask me “why X-Mode?” Because the question I asked myself was, “Why would I ever go with anyone else?”

Email: victor@X-Modesocial.com LinkedIn: Victor Ricci
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