SC Solutions and CERTIS/QIMA announce a collaboration to drive improved biomass balance with AI-powered space and earth observation capabilities

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3 min readApr 23, 2024

The collaboration aims to address pressing environmental challenges with a focus on remote biomass monitoring to track carbon emissions

Washington DC, United States — April 23, 2024 SC Solutions Inc. (SC Solutions) today announced a collaboration with CERTIS/QIMA, a globally recognized leader in testing, inspection, certification, and compliance solutions. The collaboration marks a significant milestone towards making environmental monitoring and carbon farming more effective and accessible. Accurately measuring and verifying carbon sequestration is essential for ensuring the effectiveness and credibility of carbon farming projects. Monitoring biomass over time can be complex and costly, requiring reliable measurement techniques and data collection methods.

SC Solutions is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology for positive impact through its AI-powered earth observation (EO) analytics platform, I-Sat, which provides precision in analyzing carbon-biomass for different types of vegetation.

The collaboration is focused on remote biomass monitoring, a critical element to accurately determining carbon emissions and facilitating emission reduction strategies. The remote sensing technology will complement CERTIS expertise on agricultural practices and serve as a key component of CERTIS Carbon Certification (CCC+) Program. The synergy between SC Solutions’ innovative space tech solutions and CERTIS/QIMA’s invaluable industry insights and on-the-ground expertise brings a unique positioning to address pressing environmental challenges in the forest and agrifood space head-on.

“At SC Solutions, we believe in harnessing the power of innovation to drive sustainability. Through integrating our advanced space and EO technology with CERTIS/QIMA’s industry-leading capabilities, we are poised to deliver actionable insights that effect tangible change,” said Ziheng Xiang, Chief Technology Officer of SC Solutions. “Teaming up with Certis allows us to amplify our impact and offer our clients a comprehensive suite of solutions to navigate the complexities of environmental stewardship.”

“We’re thrilled to join forces with SC Solutions in this pioneering endeavor. By combining our extensive expertise in testing, inspection, and certification with their cutting-edge AI-powered earth observation platform, we’re thrilled to revolutionize environmental monitoring and sustainability efforts globally. This collaboration underscores our commitment to leveraging technology for positive environmental impact and marks a significant milestone in our mission to address pressing environmental challenges head-on,” said Luis Vaz Freire, Head of Forestry Department at CERTIS.

Through the strategic collaboration, SC Solutions and CERTIS/QIMA are delivering on the future of environmental monitoring and empowering businesses worldwide to embrace sustainability as a core pillar of their operations, paving the way to a greener, more sustainable future.


CERTIS is a leader in delivering high-quality services across the agriculture, agro-livestock, forestry, and industry sectors (food and forest), championing customer satisfaction and sustainable development. With a commitment to excellence and integrity, CERTIS certify products and forest management systems to the highest standards, ensuring a balance between efficiency and ecological stewardship. In 2022 CERTIS joined QIMA, a leader in testing, inspection, certification, and compliance providing smart solutions to make products consumers can trust. Operating in over 100 countries, QIMA support 30,000+ clients across consumer goods, food & agri commodities, and life sciences with a blend of expert services and digital platforms for precision and transparency in quality and compliance.

About SC Solutions

SC Solutions Inc. addresses the gap in the commercial market for integrated, accessible, and comprehensible earth intelligence. SC Solutions’ I-Sat platform fuses real-time earth observation satellite data and applies advanced analytics to provide cutting-edge insights for a broad range of commercial applications, including: agriculture, forestry, mining, environmental monitoring, and asset management. Leveraging natural-language processing, the platform’s intuitive user interface allows for seamless interaction by all types of users, regardless of their proficiency in imaging processing. I-Sat’s accessibility and usability makes monitoring and responding to environmental conditions easy ━ improving decision-making processes, increasing operational efficiency, and reducing costs. The I-Sat platform builds on SC Solutions’ heritage of empowering access to and fostering inclusive collaboration in space through its vision of a decentralized satellite infrastructure.