SpaceChain AMA — March 2024

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4 min readMar 15, 2024

We would like to thank all who participated earlier this year in our call for questions addressed to the SpaceChain team. Your engagement has resulted in the compilation of an AMA featuring the top 10 inquiries.

We invite you to explore the insightful responses gathered from our team.

Thank you for your valued participation.


1. What is SpaceChain currently working on?

SpaceChain is currently focused on several initiatives, including the I-Sat AI-powered satellite imaging platform and further advancements in blockchain technology for space applications. These efforts underscore our commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in space exploration and utilization.

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2. Is there any plans for better marketing of great achievements like Nvidia or Google programs?

Marketing our achievements effectively is essential, and we acknowledge the desire for better communication around significant milestones such as collaborations with Nvidia and Google. We’re actively enhancing our marketing strategies to ensure that noteworthy achievements receive the visibility they deserve. Expect to see more comprehensive updates and communication on our progress soon.

3. How will SpaceChain be involved in terms of gaming?

While gaming not a primary focus at the moment, we’re open to exploring synergies between SpaceChain technology and the gaming industry. Whether it’s through incorporating blockchain elements into gaming experiences or exploring space-themed gaming initiatives, we see potential avenues for collaboration in the future. Rest assured, any involvement in gaming would align with our broader vision and strategic objectives.


4. Is there a way of making the token easier to buy (SpaceChain Wallet or Space Wallet) on the website or a new exchange?

Regarding the accessibility of the SPC token, we’re constantly exploring avenues to enhance the user experience and accessibility. As we transition into a more sustainable business model, we will explore the potential of leveraging the ISAT to provide utility to the token.

5. Can we please see updates to the tokenomics in Coingecko or Coinmarketcap?

Updates to tokenomics are vital for transparency and to reflect the evolving dynamics of our ecosystem. We understand the importance of having accurate information on platforms like Coingecko and CoinMarketCap. Rest assured, we’re diligently working on updating and maintaining our presence on these platforms to provide you with the latest insights into SPC.

6. Other projects have portals where people that own the token can vote on things depending on how many tokens they have, could we ever see something of this nature for SpaceChain?

The concept of a voting portal for token holders is intriguing and aligns with our commitment to community engagement. While we don’t have immediate plans for such a platform, we’re open to exploring mechanisms that empower our community further. Your feedback is invaluable, and we’ll consider such initiatives in our future roadmap discussions.

7. Is SpaceChain still contemplating and including the SPC token in its thoughts going forward with new developments or is the SPC token now an afterthought?

The SPC token remains a crucial aspect of our ecosystem and future developments. Far from being an afterthought, it continues to be a central consideration in our strategic planning. As we explore new opportunities and innovations, the utility and integration of the SPC token will remain a priority. Additionally, we’re actively researching how blockchain and AI can enhance our space-related initiatives.

As we delve into new opportunities and innovations, prioritizing the utility and integration of the SPC token remains key. This includes exploring advancements in technical products and services, ensuring seamless incorporation and maximizing the token’s effectiveness across our expanding range of offerings.

8. Are there going to be utilities that with the SPC token everyday people can use to access some of the SpaceChain utilities?

We’re actively exploring utility initiatives that would allow everyday users to leverage the SPC token for accessing SpaceChain utilities. These could range from facilitating transactions within our ecosystem to unlocking premium features on our platforms. Our ongoing research also involves investigating how AI can enhance user experiences within our token-based ecosystem.

9. What are your plans for the SPC token, such as utility, accessibility etc?

Our plans for the SPC token encompass both utility and accessibility. We’re working on developing robust use cases that leverage the unique capabilities of blockchain technology in space-related applications. These research efforts include exploring how AI can enhance security, efficiency, and transparency within our token ecosystem. Additionally, enhancing accessibility involves increasing availability on exchanges and simplifying the purchasing process, as mentioned earlier. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our research and development efforts.

10. Can you explain in more detail why we have not seen SPC on a bigger exchange. The answer to keeping the investors safe is not satisfactory to the community.

The journey to list on larger exchanges involves several considerations, including regulatory compliance and ensuring a stable ecosystem for investors. While we understand the community’s eagerness to see SPC on bigger exchanges, rest assured that we’re actively pursuing opportunities to expand our presence responsibly. Our priority is to ensure a secure and sustainable environment for our investors.

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