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SpaceChain April 2022 Report


Setting Records

SpaceChain describes its journey as “Light-years traversed at lightning speed.” The company has several achievements to its name, and with more innovations under its belt, this list will continue to grow. Read more about SpaceChain’s initiatives in this blog:

Interview with Arab News

In March, SpaceChain opened an office in the UAE. SpaceChain MENA co-founder Nick Trudgen said: “We’ve always seen huge ambition in the UAE, and last year’s Mars mission spoke to that, getting everyone’s attention.”

In this interview with Arab News, Nick shares more about why SpaceChain opened an office in Abu Dhab and how the level of ambition in Saudi Arabia and the UAE was what drew the company to Abu Dhabi.

AMA with MoonDAO

On 29 April, SpaceChain held an AMA with MoonDAO. SpaceChain executives Zee Zheng and Jeff Garzik were joined by MoonDAO founders Pablo Moncada-Larrotiz, Kori Rogers, and Eion R. It was a successful AMA that touched on various topics including building a blockchain network in space, how Ethereum nodes work in space and placing A DAO on the moon.

If you missed the AMA, you can check out the recording here:

Announcement of the Giveaway Contest Winners

SpaceChain held a giveaway contest in March and announced two winners on April 5. Each winner received a set of six SpaceChain badges. Here’s a tweet by one of our winners:

Poll Results

SpaceChain created a Twitter poll about blockchains in space. A total of 96 votes were received, out of which 90.6 % preferred blockchains in Space over blockchains on the Earth.


SpaceChain Architecture

The development of the new version of the multi-signature wallet server has been completed and is currently undergoing testing.

SpaceChain Handheld Device Development

The tech team is in the progress of selecting and adapting the handheld device terminals. The feedback from terminal manufacturers on the integration test results is still pending. During this period, the team is also working on the software development of the new system environment, and the development of the transaction module.

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