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SpaceChain August 2021 Report


SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng will be speaking at Bloomberg RADAR, a new annual dialogue series that convenes disruptive pioneers in government, business, and finance.

Zee’s session, titled The Big Boom: Spacetech’s infinite expansion of the digital, consists of leaders from the space industries who will be talking about emerging technologies, new operating models, and other innovations that will accelerate the diffusion of space technologies across multiple economies and sectors.

If you’re at the event, be sure to catch Zee’s session on Sep 7, 8:45am — 09:15am Singapore Local Time. For the full agenda and website, visit

Community Activities

SpaceChain CCO Nick Trudgen went on a visit to Story of a Satellite at Spaceport Cornwall. Check out the series of public exhibitions that will be taking place over the next year to highlight the potential of Cornwall’s fledgling space industry.

In addition, Virgin Orbit is planning Europe’s first satellite launches from Cornwall in 2022!

Technical Progress

SpaceChain Software Development

  • Tailored the space node software based on the requirements of the vendor’s joint test. At present, the work has been completed and the software will be sent to the engineer after the relevant document is modified. The test process includes three parts; the upload and deployment test, hardware platform test, and business function test.
  • Investigated the secure wallet of Ethereum, including wallet contract, wallet operation, and other supplementary services.

SpaceChain Architecture

  • Cooperated with Biteeu to complete the service test.
  • Completed the development of the satellite real-time location display webpage and the satellite location acquisition API.
  • Conducting a file transfer test in the test environment provided by our vendor, and the test is still in progress.

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