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SpaceChain August 2022 Report


Meet our new CEO Cliff Beek

We would like to extend a warm welcome to our new CEO Cliff Beek. He will be spearheading global expansion efforts for SpaceChain and charting the company’s long-term growth. Co-founders Zee Zheng will now assume the role of executive chairman while Jeff Garzik remains as our CTO.

Boasting more than 25 years of professional experience, Cliff is an accomplished executive within the satellite and aerospace infrastructure community. Prior to SpaceChain, Cliff served as CEO for Cloud Constellation Corporation, a Los Angeles CA based company, having a presence in Washington DC, developing the first global data security platform for public and private institutions. Watch this video to learn more about Cliff’s background.

Beek’s immediate priorities for SpaceChain include building on the company’s success and industry-leading position in integrating software-defined payloads to advance blockchain applications in orbit, as well as raising awareness and capital in the United States (U.S.) through targeting private equity investors and strategic vendors that have an affinity to space, blockchain and fintech.

Do you like our new look?

SpaceChain finally showcased it’s new website. We overhauled the entire design, refreshed our brand colours and style, and updated the website with new content, videos and graphics. We hope you like it as much as we do. Be sure to check it out

Yay, we’ve won the Best Blockchain Technology Integrator award

We’ve been named the Best Blockchain Technology Integrator in the Fintech Awards 2022. Thanks to Wealth & Finance magazine for this incredible honour. Read more here.


Taking Web3 to outer space

If you’re in London next week (Sept 6), come join us at this event organized by Copernic Space. We’ll be speaking about integrating space with blockchain tech, innovative use cases and more. Register here.

A sharing session at New Frontiers conference

On Aug 20, Executive Chairman Zee Zheng was invited to speak at the 2022 New Frontiers Conference at the National University of Singapore. It was an intimate sharing session as Zee spoke about his personal journey in starting SpaceChain, his vision for the company, and his insights about the Singapore space scene.

SpaceChain in the news

SpaceChain’s Business Development Manager Evan Slattery shares with Disruption Banking his insights about space, blockchain, and how SpaceChain offers leading-edge technology for customers and investors. Read more in this article.

A learning journey with TUMO Labs students

Last year, the SpaceChain team worked on a partnership project with TUMO Labs to train its students on using machine learning for image processing, land use and land cover classification. Based in Armenia, TUMO Labs is a tuition-free applied science and engineering hub that connects higher education with the industry.

For the past 10 months, the SpaceChain team held regular meetings with the students where they reviewed their progress and gave them feedback. At the end of the project, the students had to do a final presentation to share their proof of concept with the SpaceChain team. Hear what the students have to say about the partnership project in the video.

Doing our part for space students

To further show support for up-and-coming space professionals in the UK, SpaceChain was one of the sponsors for the UKSEDS Satellite Design Competition 2022.

Known as UK Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, UKSEDS is the UK’s national student space society, and it has been supporting students and young professionals across the country for over 30 years. They run events and provide resources, teaching students new skills, while allowing them to harness their space industry knowledge via innovative satellite design.

Held on Aug 20 in the National Space Centre in Leicester, the Satellite Design Competition by UKSEDS was a great success and the overall winner was StrathAIS. The team showed a high level of dedication and also built a prototype of their work. Check out the photos from the competition.


Space node software development

The team is in the process of conducting research on the updated node software of Ethereum. After the research is complete, the team will upgrade the software for the mobile handheld device and space node software accordingly. The team has also verified the test results of the hardware board which is ready for our next launch.

SpaceChain handheld device development

The team hascompleted the preliminary selection of security chips for handheld devices, and three alternative solutions have been selected. The final solution will be determined based on factors such as suppliers and hardware costs.

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