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SpaceChain December 2020 Report


Funding for R&D

Together with Addvalue Innovation and Alba Orbital, the coalition will jointly develop a decentralised satellite infrastructure (DSI) that powers a blockchain payload at its core to enable direct tasking of a satellite in real-time.

The EUREKA project is expected to commence in early 2021.

Exchange Listing

SPC v2 is now supported on Biteeu & Bittrex! The swap has already taken place and existing token holders will now carry v2 tokens in their wallets.

New members in SpaceChain Alliance Consortium

Modularity Space and Exobotics are the 2 latest members to join SpaceChain’s Decentralised Satellite Infrastructure (DSI). The DSI was conceived to bridge this gap by bolstering the efficient allocation of resources across the space industry.

Modularity Space is able to provide customers with an affordable modular multi-mission bus, with on-orbit refurbishment capabilities and full turn-key mission solutions.

Exobotics on the other hand, will be leveraging its software and hardware that is scalable, modular and tuned for the challenges of operation in extra-orbital environments.

Want to know more about the DSI? Watch the video!


In an interview with Forkast News, SpaceChain CTO Jeff Garzik talks about how blockchain technology could transform the commercial space industry as well as improve internet access around the world.

Guide to Everything SpaceChain

We have a host of new members joining our community in the month of December. If you want an inkling of what SpaceChain is all about, here is a nifty guide for you!

Community giveaway

Congratulations to the following winners: @Sal_XRPatriot, @BitcoinBully, @eUnisol, @TheCrypticWolf1, @brknntve who have been chosen for the giveaway. There will be contests in the future so do follow our Twitter platform to keep up to date!


Space node software development

  • Completed the prototype verification of the Ethereum multisignature offline node.
  • Preparing the software delivery for the launch mission. There will be a need to adapt the space node software to the development environment for the mission.
  • Design of the ground station-node communication protocol for the mission.

SpaceChain server architecture update

  • Research on the AWS Ground Station service, and tested all the steps from satellite binding to satellite data processing according to the standard procedure.
  • Developing the related functions of the SPC Web server.

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