SpaceChain December 2022 Report

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4 min readDec 30, 2022



The SpaceChain team wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We are thankful to those who have stuck by us, believed in what we do, and cheered us on despite tough times. We’re looking forward to greater things this year. We just know that 2023 is going to be our best year yet. So stay tuned!

We’re on Discord

Yes, we’ve finally added Discord to our list of social platforms. Come join in on the chatter about all things relating to SpaceChain.


Congratulations to the winners

In December, we held a give away to celebrate our successful mission in November. Three lucky winners won a set of exclusive SpaceChain swag consisting Velas-SpaceChain badges, stickers, pins, keychains and a mask. Be sure to look out for our next giveaway.

A peek into how we design blockchain space missions for clients

Always wanted to know how we help companies integrate their blockchain with space tech to unlock adjacent value? Check out our blog to learn how we deliver end-to-end solutions for clients even if they do not have prior space or satellite knowledge.

The SPC team attends TechEx Global 2022

Earlier in the month, Business Development Manager Evan Slattery and Technology Director Ziheng Xiang participated in the TechEx Global 2022 event in Olympia, London. There was a vast display of innovative technologies from blockchain and cybersecurity to loT and AI. The team also had the opportunity to attend a series of expert keynotes and panel discussions, and network with fellow satellite technology professionals. Here are some pictures from the event.

An insightful workshop

To learn more about the Irish space industry, Business Development Manager Evan Slattery attended the European Space Agency — ESA NAVISP Workshop in Dublin. Hosted by Enterprise Ireland, the workshop was attended by professionals in the industry. We hope that SpaceChain’s capabilities in the PNT segment and DLT will play a role in future PNT applications.

We’re in the news

Want to know what are the potential benefits of combining blockchain and space. In this article by, they cover how blockchain can help factiliate payment and transactions in space, as well as how blockchain can be used to track and verify data collected during space missions. Read the full article below.


Developing the handheld device

This month, the technical team was conducting test and developing the security chip and motherboard of the handheld device. Some technical details are still in discussion with various partners, and we are confirming component availability with suppliers. The first phase of hardware development has advanced as planned, and the PCB board of the satellite module has commenced initial operational tests.

Prepping for the multisignature service demonstration

The technical team provided support for the backend of the SPC multisignature server which had been successfully demonstrated for some of our new partners.

Velas node installation on ISS

The Velas node was installed on the International Space Station during the Christmas week. We have put in a request for the video of the installation, but it will take some time to get approved.

Year-end technical blog

The team has prepared a technical blog to summarize the rocket launch activities in 2022. The blog is in progress and will be shared with the community soon.

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