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SpaceChain February 2022 Report


The team had a great year in 2021 with not one but two launch missions for several customers. One of the missions also involved the integration of Ethereum technology with our hardware and was deployed to the International Space Station. Check out our report which summarizes all that we have achieved the past year. Read more here.

Earlier in February, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng was invited to speak at the Global Space and Technology Convention 2022, where he participated in a panel discussion titled: “Expanding to Earth: Next Gen LEO-MEO Markets and Opportunities”.

Some of the topics were:

  • What is the realistic market forecast for LEO satellites?
  • How are we meeting these demands?
  • As LEO gets crowded, how do we make it more sustainable?

Held in Singapore, the GSTC welcomed over 1000 delegates from 30 countries connected in-person and online, with insightful and lively conversations at the pre-conference workshops, presentations, panel discussions, and the exhibition.

As a special thank you to the SpaceChain community for all their support, we are running a giveaway. Winners will get a set of six SpaceChain badges.

Contest ends March 7, 2022. Head to the contest post and participate now!

From our space-based multisignature wallet technology to our handheld satellite mobile device, we can help keep your company’s digital assets secure. And if you need more unique solutions tailored to your company’s needs, we have a blockchain space mission design & manage studio that can help launch nodes, deploy smart contracts and enhance cyber security capabilities using space tech. Interested to know more? Reach out to us at


Completed the transaction test on the ISS node. It included an ETH multisignature transaction and an ERC20 (SPC) token multisignature test.

Delivered the new version’s SPC server and enterprise user server to Biteeu together with codes and technical documents.

Completed the feasibility test of the NFT-related functions of the space node on the blockchain and its development of the software. Through software upgrades, the space node is capable of supporting the deployment and minting functions of NFT on the blockchain.

Check out our monthly report every first week of the month for SpaceChain’s latest news and progress and subscribe to our newsletter!



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