SpaceChain February 2023 Report

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5 min readFeb 27



Take a look back at our accomplishments in 2022

We have achieved incredible things in 2022, from launching two payloads into space to establishing notable partnerships and winning awards. We’ve compiled the year’s notable highlights in our Year in Review 2022. Check it out here.

We look forward to accomplishing much more this year!

Download our latest white paper

Our new white paper is finally out! Discover the groundbreaking intersection of space, security, and blockchain technology. Stay ahead of the curve and download it now at

Visit our new UK website

We have revamped our UK website. Learn more about the UK’s team technology development, meet the people behind the company, and find out who are the team’s partners. Visit

Join our upcoming AMA

Got burning questions you want to ask the executive team?

Be sure to join our AMA on Discord on March 7 at 12pm EST.

Save the date! We’ll see you there.

Welcome our new colleagues

Say “Hello” to Shine and Felix!

Shine is our new Earth Observation Scientist who specializes in geospatial science & remote sensing. Based in New Zealand, Shine is working with our R&D team on web applications using EO data and its practical applications in agriculture, forestry, & smart cities.

Felix is our newest member of the team, and he will be helping us with business development, marketing, and community management. If you’re in our Discord or Telegram groups, be sure to say Hi to Felix. We look forward to all the great contributions Felix will make to our team.


Watch the discussion about how cryptocurrencies fit into space financing

On Feb 15, CEO Cliff Beek participated in the New York Space Business Roundtable and discussed how cryptocurrencies fit into space financing.

During the panel, Cliff Beek and Tim Ford (Manager, Enterprise Strategy & Value, Transformation at PwC) shared more about the benefits of decentralizing digital transactions and the transparency of data that occurs over the blockchain. They also talked about the elimination of third parties and the use of distributed databases that cannot be altered.

Additionally, the panel discussed business models, with a focus on democratizing space technology and making it more accessible to everyone. It was highlighted that SpaceChain was the only company with three operating blockchain nodes in the International Space Station.

Finally, the meeting emphasized that tokens can be used to buy services and are not just for speculation.

Catch the full discussion below. A shoutout to Louis Zacharilla for moderating, and Joseph Fargnoli for an awesome perspective on the “NY Minute Wrap Up” segment (49:10-50 mins) regarding SpaceChain.

Get SpaceChain swag at our store

Attention SpaceChain fans, we have launched an online store selling SPC merchandise, from tees to caps and bags. Now, you can get all your favourite SpaceChain swag any time you want.

Come support us and let the entire world know about SpaceChain. Shop at

See who we met at Google

In February, CEO Cliff Beek met with Google’s Senior Strategic Partnerships Development Manager — Public Sector, Steve Moran, at Google’s Capitol Hill offices. They had a great discussion and we look forward to working together with Google to progress our shared vision for the future of space technology. We love their hip and innovative Google backdrop, don’t you?

Be rewarded for your active participation

In February, we ran some activities for the SpaceChain community using Crew3, an app that helps identify and reward our most active members.

We were impressed by the high level of activity we saw in the community. We were pleased to see how dedicated our members were to our shared goals, and we would like to show our appreciation for their contributions. Thus, we will be awarding the three most active members of the community with some exclusive SpaceChain swag.

We hope this initiative will inspire other members of the community to get more involved.

We are grateful for the positive impact our community has had on SpaceChain, and look forward to working with our members to develop more innovative ideas and solutions.

Get involved today at


Get updates on our handheld device development

The team has almost completed the first phase of the test and development of the handheld mobile device. Currently, the team is working on the inspection of the development, and preparing a plan for the next phase.

Read about our node on the International Space Station (ISS)

The initialization of the node installed on the ISS has been completed successfully this month. The team will start testing the node’s operation and service in March.

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