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SpaceChain January 2022 Report


On Jan 13, 2022, we witnessed the launch of a blockchain-enabled payload, integrated with the space node created for Velas Network AG, into space onboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The payload was installed onto a satellite designed and manufactured by Spire Global, Inc., which also managed the launch mission.

The mission marks SpaceChain’s sixth blockchain payload launch into space and the successful integration of Velas, the world’s fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) blockchain and open-source platform for decentralized applications, with its payload.

The main mission for Velas is to provide a fast and cost-effective, multi-feature blockchain network. Velas includes the Ethereum Virtual Machine to allow developers to deploy any type of Ethereum-based dApps on the Velas blockchain premises based on the best parts of the Solana code. With many technological advantages, Velas is among the leading platforms for decentralized applications of all kinds.

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On Jan 9, SpaceChain COO Nick Trudgen was at the Space Resources Forum sharing more about “Building a Space Commodities Exchange Based on Blockchain.”

Other interesting topics at the event included Science and Technology, Education and Jobs, Market and Capital, & Laws and Policy by personnel from Origin Space Technology Co. Ltd., which also organized this conference. They are China’s first commercial company dedicated to the exploitation and utilization of space resources.

If you’re attending the Global Space and Technology Convention 2022 in Singapore, be sure to catch up with SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng. He will be speaking about Expanding to Earth: Next Gen LEO-MEO Markets and Opportunities on Feb 10.

Organised by Singapore Space and Technology Limited, the annual convention is Asia’s Premier Space & Technology event that brings to together space professionals from all over the world to share the latest space technology and satellite news. It is the go-to platform for space and satellite business to connect with the rapidly evolving space industry in Asia.

Join Zee here: and follow @SingaporeSpace for more updates!

Blockchain, which is the underlying technology for crypto, despite its inherent security attributes, is not immune to cyber threats. Cases of fraud and cyberattacks concerning blockchain have surfaced sporadically over the years.

Learn how SpaceChain’s space-based multisignature authentication service helps keep your funds extra safe by storingone of your keys in space.


The team completed the development and test of the latest version of the SPC server and enterprise user server for the BTC multisignature process. The team is currently checking the delivery process and will communicate with Biteeu team about the delivery details.

The team performed several related tests in preparation for the Velas launch on June 13. We will conduct the formal test after Spire’s satellite service starts in February.

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