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SpaceChain July 2022 Report


We have finished testing the space node for Velas that is installed onto a satellite designed and manufactured by Spire Global, who also managed the launch mission on Jan 13, 2022. The space node is now capable of delivering the full functionalities designed for Velas, including transaction signatures, smart contract deployment, decentralized finance (Defi) activities and non-fungible token (NFT) minting with the seamless transaction of the Velas Token (VLX).


Farnborough International Airshow 2022

SpaceChain’s CCO & UK Director Nick Trudgen attended the Farnborough International Airshow 2022. Held from July 18 to 22, the international exhibition and conference is one of the world’s largest aerospace events that brings together thought leaders and professionals to build connections and inspire change.

Nick said: “Some of the highlights included meeting British astronaut Tim Peake, chatting with UK Space Agency CEO Paul Bate and seeing the launch of the UK Space Alliance by Thales, Leonardo, and Telespazio. It was also great to see progress made with the UK’s National Space Strategy as well as with Europe’s first satellite launch coming soon from Spaceport Cornwall.”

Check out the video below for a peek into the event.

Interview with Deeptech Times

Catch SpaceChain CEO & Co-founder Zee Zheng interview with Deeptech Times on space technology.

Part 1: Topics covered include what deep tech means to him and why it is important for CEOs and business leaders to understand the impact of deep technologies.

Part 2: Topics include how space technology is shaping the business world today, its importance, and thoughts on the future of this innovative and exciting industry.

Benefits of integrating space and blockchain tech

The versatility of blockchain, remoteness of space, and high-grade space technology can solve many challenges and provide several use-cases when combined together. In this blog, find out how SpaceChain is integrating both technologies to solve four major issues like hacking, inaccessibility of space and EO data, and centralized infrastructures using blockchain and space technology.

Building the New Space Economy

Blockchain technology is key in helping build the new space economy. Check out the graphic and learn how SpaceChain contributing to the New Space Economy with its innovation.

Doing our part for the New Space Economy

Get a deeper understanding of SpaceChain’s light and full node deployment schemes, as well as how the team launches blockchain nodes into space via an uplink, a small satellite launch, and the International Space Station launch.


Node development

Development of the node software was completed and the software has been delivered to the launch service provider for hardware integration.

SpaceChain handheld device development

  • The migration of the handheld device server from the test server to the production server was completed this month.
  • We have also started the processing of the data sent by the Iridium server.
  • The server’s background framework was upgraded for the subsequent expansion or addition of new functions.

SpaceChain node tracker upgrade

Upgrade of the space node tracker server was completed and the space node tracker could be embedded in the official website successfully.

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