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SpaceChain June 2020 Monthly Report


SpaceChain Foundation is excited to announce that our blockchain hardware embedded with the multisignature wallet technology has been installed on the International Space Station (ISS). The installation was conducted by astronaut Jessica Meir, who is also a marine biologist, physiologist, and more recently, the participant of the first all women space walk. In addition, you can track the node to its exact location in orbit. Read more about the installation here.

Take a journey through 2019 where we showcase our milestones, achievements, and growth in the Year In Review! With each passing year, we are striving to realise the dream of a New Space Economy.

SpaceChain Foundation strives to constantly add more functionalities and improve existing the framework with each launch. For example, we have increased our capabilities to process 100 transactions per transmission, compared to 1 transaction per transmission previously.


In this interview with Superb Crew, SpaceChain Foundation CTO Jeff Garzik shares more about the collaboration with Core Semiconductor, and the challenges they might face while solving a myriad of problems from security to privacy through blockchain. Read the interview here.

We had a chat with Fossa Systems CEO Julian Fernandez to understand what the company is doing to democratise access to space and telecommunications as a hardware manufacturer and his advice for budding entrepreneurs. Read the interview here.

How can increased latency make blockchain transactions safer?

Can slow transfer speeds help with heightening security? In this video interview with BTCN Asia, SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng highlights an incident that happened which will make you think so!


SpaceChain server development

  • Summarised the main functions of SpaceChain server and investigated the service architecture of the current wallets. Currently optimising the functions of our service architecture.
  • Designed the communication protocols between the SPC server and the ground station. Waiting for input from various collaborators.

Space node software development

  • Updated the mechanism of generating the private keys on the payload. The number of involved dependent libraries have been decreased. The revised private keys generation module uses less system resources. We are currently testing the revised private keys generation module.
  • Updated the space node software and relevant interface.
  • Tested the updated interfaces for space node software.
  • Updated the space node software, including interfaces of signature generation and encryption.

SpaceChain server architecture update

  • To simplify the procedures of the multisignature transaction on the ground and to support more types of cryptocurrencies, we are discussing the new SpaceChain server architecture and are designing the overall architecture.

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