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SpaceChain June 2022 Report


On 8 July, CEO Zee Zheng will be presenting about blockchain in space at the 2022 New Frontiers Series event in Singapore. Organized by the National University of Singapore Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, the event series showcases guest speakers from space and related industries to share their experiences, as well as a range of exciting initiatives which could leave an impact on space technology.

Zee will be speaking about SpaceChain’s role in this industry, our technology, and latest products and services. If you’re keen to learn more, join in the event in person or via Zoom. To register, click here.


SpaceChain’s vision for its entity in MENA

In this interview with Hub71, co-founder of SpaceChain MENA, Nick Trudgen, shares the company’s vision within UAE’s space sector. Plus, find out, how SpaceChain’s presence in Abu Dhabi’s global tech ecosystem Hub71 will be crucial in achieving these goals. Read here.

Blockchain nodes in space

In the latest issue of issuu space magazine, SpaceChain’s Business Development Manager Evan Slattery, and Technical Manager Ziheng Xiang, share more about how blockchain nodes are transforming the way satellites are used in space. Read more in this interview.

SpaceChain’s goals, challenges and partnerships

Get more insight into SpaceChain’s backstory, the problems the company is trying to solve, and what makes the project unique, in this interview with CEO Zee Zheng and HodlersHub. Click here.

5 ways SpaceChain is shaping the New Space Economy

From deploying blockchain nodes to the International Space Station (ISS), to setting up a decentralized satellite marketplace, SpaceChain has blazed the trail for a blockchain-integrated space. Learn more in this blog.

Recognizing NUS Alumni Zee’s award

In the latest Forbes 30 under 30 Asia List, SpaceChain CEO Zee, who is a National University of Singapore Alumni, has been named as a notable honoree. He is one of the nine alumnus from NUS Alumni to be given the award this year. Read more here.

Over 4,000 nominees under the age of 30 applied to be on this year’s list, and the final 300 were selected and vetted by Forbes journalists and industry veterans, including some of the most active venture capitalists and successful business leaders in the region. Get the full story here.

Congratulations Zee!


Biteeu multisignature wallet integration

This month, the team continues assisting the Biteeu engineers in the integration of the multisignature wallet and the set-up of the TCA server. The work is still in progress.

Handheld device development

The development of handheld device software including the core functional modules and App Demo has been completed. The development of the backend server and the local test are done as well. After the server is placed on the Iridium service whitelist, it will switch to the official working environment.

ETH multisignature demonstration

The teams are working on developing back-end related functions of the ETH multisignature demo and testing the transactions in the test environment on the ground.

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