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SpaceChain November 2020 Report


SpaceChain Advances ERC-20 SPC Token with Decentralised Finance Capabilities

SpaceChain announced beta access for the release of the enhanced ERC-20 SPC token (v2), which is fully compatible with Ethereum Decentralised Finance (DeFi) products capable of automating enforceable agreements in a highly immutable, permissionless system facilitated by smart contracts. The enhanced version will grant holders access to collateral and lending pools in decentralised exchanges, unlocking liquidity and growth opportunities in a fully peer-to-peer environment.

Exchanges and DEXes supporting the token

In addition to HitBTC, the SPC token (v2) is plugged into DeFi instruments such as Uniswap, Balancer, Kyber, and other lending pool, collateral, and DEX style blockchain instruments for SpaceChain token holders to use.

SPC ERC-20 v2 Token Swap

Learn all about the beta access to the new token! Users who are holding ERC-20 v1 tokens can now upgrade to the v2 token themselves using our application here. For the holders of QRC-20 v1, we have a manual swap form available here for upgrade to v2.


Future Congress 2020

SpaceChain CEO Zee Zheng will be speaking at the 19th Edition 2b AHEAD Future Congress 2020, which is taking place in Munich, Germany and streamed as a Live Online event globally on 1–2 December 2020.

At the Future Congress, the pioneers of the global economy will come together to discuss the roadmaps of the most important key technologies: AI, quantum computers and genetics up to the year 2030.

4 lucky winners won access to the event via a giveaway. Do follow our Twitter if you would like to participate in future contests!

Worth Reading

SpaceChain UK tech manager Ziheng shares what it’s like working for us, and his excitement as part of this industry! In the interview, he details the developments in satellite technology that we are going to see over the course of the next several years and how they will apply to and directly affect the New Space Economy.


Space node software development

  • Conducted research on Uniswap, and analysed its operation process, mechanism, and smart contract structure. Currently discussing the feasibility of combining Uniswap and space node.
  • Verification of the Ethereum multisignature. It includes the setup of the local test chain, the connection between the client and the test chain, and the compilation, deployment and testing of smart contracts. Development is still in progress.
  • Prototype verification of the Ethereum multisignature. The open source multisignature wallet is being analysed. Also arranged the structure of the back-end server and built the UI.
  • Prototype building of Ethereum multisignature offline node. The relevant development work in the contract calls, transaction generation, and coded transaction export stage is under progress. The team will introduce offline nodes into the Ethereum multisignature process for feasibility verification next.

SpaceChain server architecture update

  • Researched the AWS Ground Station service, and carried on the actual operations of some functions of its service. Solutions with the AWS staff for the problems in practice are in discussion. The relevant functions of the AWS Ground Station service were used in the actual operation.
  • Conducted research on the Microsoft Azure Orbital service and analysed its working principle and overall framework design. Applying for the use of Azure Orbital service.
  • Arranged the SPC server architecture of the new version, integrated the new business requirements with the existing ones, optimised the user operation procedures, and improved the scalability of the system.

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