SpaceChain November 2022 Report

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6 min readNov 29, 2022



Our 7th blockchain payload has been launched to space

On Nov 26, we successfully launched our second Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) payload into space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, which will be installed in the International Space Station (ISS).

The mission via Nanoracks marks our 7th blockchain payload launch into space, and the 2nd integration of its payload with Velas, the world’s fastest EVM blockchain and open-source platform for decentralized applications.

If you missed the launch, you can watch it here:

We’ve won the Open Source Award by AsiaStar 10x10

We’re humbled to be recognized by Alibaba Cloud as one of the top companies in Southeast Asia to have accelerated the region’s digitalization by building the tools other entities need to build new applications!

We would like to thank Alibaba Cloud and the judges for presenting SpaceChain with the Open Source award under the inaugural edition of the AsiaStar 10×10 campaign, which was launched to acknowledge companies, communities, and projects that have effected meaningful change in the region.

It’s a great milestone that reflects the hard work of our team members who have played pivotal roles in our development so far, and the support of our investors and partners.


Win SpaceChain swag

We’re giving away some exclusive SpaceChain swag in celebration of our successful launch mission. Three winners will get a set of SpaceChain-Velas badges (from the January & November space missions), stickers, face mask, keychain and pin. The giveaway ends on Dec 12. Head to the contest post on LinkedIN or Twitter to participate now!

Meet BD Manager Evan Slattery at the Blockchain Expo Global event

Business Development Manager Evan Slattery will be attending the Blockchain Expo World Series hosted by TechEx Events at the Olympia in London on Dec 1. If you’re at the event, be sure to grab a coffee or chat with him about how SpaceChain can unlock adjacent value by combining the synergies of space and blockchain technologies.

Admission to the Blockchain Expo Global event is free. Register here.

CEO Cliff Beek shares our business plans and development

With much happening in the space, blockchain and mobile phone industries, CEO Cliff Beek shares SpaceChain’s business plans, development progress and strategy to overcome these challenges.

“Some new entrants have achieved fabulous success, though the use cases for constellations did not necessarily ignite differentiation for industry. For SpaceChain, however, we view this as a commercial opportunity — lower launch cost, increased space assets in orbit, and refreshed platforms all have created the perfect environment for us to monetize and accelerate growth,” said Cliff.

Co-founder Zee Zheng attended the Apsara Startup Day: Singapore

Earlier in November, co-founder and executive chairman Zee Zheng was invited to the Apsara Startup Day: Singapore and joined a panel where he spoke about Web3, Blockchain and a Decentralized World. Organized by Alibaba Cloud & KrAsia, the event brings together industry experts and thought leaders to discuss how technology, digital intelligence, and innovation can be applied to grow and improve business.

CEO Cliff Beek attended the Luxembourg Space Finance Event 2022

CEO Cliff Beek was in New York on 10 November where he participated in the Luxembourg Space Finance Event 2022. The prestigious event is organized by the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA), The Ministry of Economy of Luxembourg (ECO) and the US Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices (LTIO).

In addition to celebrating the latest achievements and progress within the space ecosystem in Luxembourg, the event also aims to strengthen the EU and US network and cooperation within the space sector.

While networking with the shakers and movers in the industry, Cliff had the opportunity to meet His Royal Highness Crown Prince Guillaume and H.E. Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy.

We’re on Space Café Radio

In a podcast interview with Space Cafe Radio by SpaceWatch Global, CEO Cliff Beek shares his views about SpaceChain as a company and sheds light on who our potential customers are, why decentralization of information is important, and how there is a need to have more companies in this space-blockchain sector.

Be sure to tune in to hear the full podcast!


Blockchain and earth observation application demonstration

SpaceChain Technology Director Ziheng Xiang and Business Development Manager Evan Slattery attended the Innovate UK — EUREKA program review at Alba Orbital in Glasgow. They met with the Innovate UK reviewer and discussed the Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure development.

With Alba Orbital’s assistance, they did a demonstration to showcase blockchain and earth observation applications. The review has since been successfully passed and we will be setting out on integrating even more functionalities to the Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure in the months to come.

SpaceChain handheld mobile device development

This month, the technical team conducted various test and worked on the development of the hardware for the handheld mobile device. Some technical details are in discussion and we are working on confirming with the suppliers. All the work is still in progress.

SpaceChain space node launch

We worked closely with Velas and our launch service partners to launch the 7th blockchain node in space successfully. The testing of the node will begin after it has been installed on the International Space Station by the crew member.

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