SpaceChain & SC Solutions April 2024 Report

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5 min readApr 30, 2024


We are now open in Saudi Arabia

We are pleased to share that SC Solutions is officially registered and open for business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are now gearing up to make impactful contributions and create new opportunities as we embark on this new chapter! Stay tuned for more updates.

We’ve partnered with CERTIS for precision carbon farming

SC Solutions and CERTIS — Controlo e Certificação, Lda, a global leader in certification and compliance, joins forces to enhance environmental monitoring and carbon farming.

This partnership leverages SC Solutions’ AI-powered earth observation platform, I-Sat, and CERTIS’s expertise in agricultural practices, aiming to revolutionize biomass monitoring and carbon sequestration verification. This initiative marks a significant step in advancing sustainable agricultural practices and environmental stewardship. Read the full press release below.


Seeking partners for Q4 2024 space node launch

SpaceChain is set to enhance its network by launching a new node into the International Space Station (ISS) in Q4 2024. This expansion is part of our ongoing commitment to advancing space-based technologies and offers innovative services including custodial solutions, DeFi transactions, smart contract deployment, and NFT minting in space.

We are inviting potential partners interested in payload opportunities to join this venture, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible beyond Earth.

🔗 Multichain Support: Expand your digital horizons with our seamless multichain support. Engage in lending, yield farming, and NFT trading across various DApps, all through our Space Node. The cosmos is your playground!

🔒 Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Elevate your privacy and security. With our advanced algorithm, we prove transactions without revealing sensitive details. It’s space exploration with peace of mind.

For those looking to explore space’s limitless potential and leverage SpaceChain’s cutting-edge space node technology, now is the time to reach out and secure a partnership.

Networking at Web3 Festival 2024

SpaceChain’s Chief Operating Officer, Hulk Fu, attended the Web3 Festival 2024 in Hong Kong this April, where he engaged extensively with industry peers and met numerous potential partners. The event was a crucial platform for networking as SpaceChain prepares for its Q4 2024 space mission. Hulk Fu seeks collaborators interested in launching projects into space or exploring SpaceChain’s innovative technologies. To discuss potential partnerships, or learn more about SpaceChain’s upcoming missions, reach us at


Attending Aramco’s Inaugural New Space Age Forum in Saudi Arabia

Our dynamic team, including CEO Cliff Beek, CTO Ziheng Xiang, and Managing Director of SpaceChain Solutions KSA Sultan Al Mubarak, was in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in April to participate in the prestigious Aramco New Space Age Forum 2024.

Cliff also participated in the panel discussion focusing on “Funding the Final Frontiers: Towards Resilient Space Economy.” Alongside distinguished panelists, including Anna Hazlett and Tugay Güzel, Cliff shared insights into Saudi Arabia’s space industry and beyond.

Reflecting on the event, Cliff expressed excitement about the innovative discussions and their potential to shape the future. He remarked, “The New Space Age Forum 2024 organized by Aramco left a lasting impression on me. The event highlighted the imaginative innovation of what can be and the future of things to come. It’s inspiring to see such forward-thinking discussions and I’m excited to see how these ideas will shape the future.”

Discussing AI innovations with the British ambassador

Earlier in April, CEO Cliff Beek was honored to be a dinner guest of Dame Karen Elizabeth Pierce, the British Ambassador to the United States. Their discussion centered around the significance of SC Solutions’ AI work in the UK, particularly focusing on the initiative “From Farm to Finance with Space Technologies.” Cliff said it was a pleasure to exchange ideas with such an esteemed diplomat and further explore the potential of technology in shaping the future of agriculture and finance.


Revolutionizing sugarcane farming with advanced AI technology

In a significant breakthrough for Agritech, our team has unveiled a cutting-edge sugarcane application harnessing advanced AI algorithms and machine learning. This innovation aims to revolutionize crop management, elevate yields, and minimize environmental footprint. By integrating satellite imagery and weather data analysis, our technology offers farmers actionable insights, empowering them to make informed decisions and optimize harvests.

Stay tuned for updates as we transform sugarcane farming, paving the way for a more sustainable agricultural future.

Further development of the handheld device

The team continued with the second phase of testing and development for the handheld device. This phase focused on comprehensive testing and refinement to improve the device’s functionality and performance.

Preparing for the launch of the space node

Concurrently, preparations are underway for deploying a new space node on the International Space Station (ISS). The team is actively developing enhancements to the Key Management System and compiling a technical report tailored to specific operational requirements.

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