SpaceChain & SC Solutions February 2024 Report

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3 min readMar 1, 2024


Exploring Saudi opportunities and innovation

In February, CEO Cliff Beek and Director of Technology Ziheng Xiang traveled to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to strengthen strategic relationships that included; meeting with strategic partners, filing our corporate registration for opening our new regional headquarters, and drafting proposals for significant opportunities within the space infrastructure and fintech sectors. While in Saudi, they both visited Aramco’s Innovation Lab in Dammam, uncovering collaborative opportunities and insights for future ventures together with Aramco.


Celebrating NEOM’s US office opening

CEO Cliff Beek had the privilege to attend NEOM’s inaugural US office opening. During the ceremony, he updated HRH Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud on SC Solutions’ expansion plans in Saudi Arabia.

“It was a pleasure discussing our Kingdom activities at NEOM’s NYC office launch,” said Cliff.

Showcasing the best of our technologies to the world

SpaceChain & SC Solutions CEO Cliff Beek spoke at the Satellite and the Cloud virtual conference on Feb 15. Addressing “Opening New Avenues for Secure Data,” he discussed the fusion of space and blockchain technologies, emphasizing secure data management and identity sovereignty.

The event aligned with C21’s focus on cloud-based business models, offering insights on migrating from traditional data centers to cloud networks. Among prominent attendees like Microsoft, Cliff highlighted unique aspects, discussing placing nodes in space and showcasing real customers like Hunnicutt Farms and Musang Valley Plantation, distinguishing our company’s contributions in a tech landscape dominated by AI discussions.

In the news

Deeptech Times recently covered our collaboration, highlighting how Musang Valley is harnessing cutting-edge Earth observation (EO) data and analytics solutions from SC Solutions to advance its sustainable practices and achieve its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals.


Handheld device development

The technical team proceeded with the testing and development activities for the handheld device during the second phase. This phase involved comprehensive testing and refinement processes, aiming to enhance the functionality and performance of the handheld device.

Server maintenance and test

We have completed the software upgrade for the Iridium server interface, ensuring compatibility with the latest protocols and security patches. The tech team has thoroughly tested the handheld device test server to validate its performance post-upgrade.

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