SpaceChain & SC Solutions March 2024 Report

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3 min readApr 1, 2024


The successful conclusion of the DSI project

The collaborative efforts of SpaceChain, Addvalue, and Alba Orbital have culminated in the completion of the Innovate UK-sponsored Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure project, spanning 33 months.

This groundbreaking achievement heralds a new era in space technology, establishing a decentralized standard that promises to revolutionize the Earth Observation industry. The project’s successful conclusion is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the participating teams.

Innovate UK Monitoring Officer Mervyn Levin with SpaceChain Director of Technology Ziheng Xiang, and the team from Alba Orbital.


Networking with the movers & shakers in the industry

CEO Cliff Beek participated in the Satellite 2024 Conference & Exhibition in Washington DC, fostering partnerships and networking within the industry. Engaging discussions with Sulaiman Al Ali and Jassem Nasser of Thuraya Telecom highlighted our secure transactions and precision analytics platform, setting the stage for future collaboration.


Engaging in sustainable ventures at the festival

SC Solutions CEO Cliff Beek recently attended the Malaysian Embassy Lantern Festival in Washington DC. Engaging with the ambassador led to discussions about our collaborations with Musang Valley Plantation in Malaysia, utilizing advanced Earth observation data for sustainable practices and ESG initiatives.

You asked, we answered

Earlier in March, we got the community to submit questions they had for the team. From general questions about what the team was currently working on to our plans for the future, and the token utility, we gathered the top 10 questions for the Ask Me Anything. Be sure to check it out!

SC Solutions and Musang Valley Plantation revolutionize agriculture: 5 key insights

Discover the dynamic collaboration between SC Solutions and Musang Valley Plantation, fostering sustainability and innovation in Southeast Asia’s plantation industry. Explore their ESG commitment, strategic harmony, cutting-edge tech integration, profound impact, and transformative analytics, driving revolutionary changes in agricultural practices.


Advance testing on handheld device

In its second phase, the technical team has been conducting advanced testing and development for the handheld device. Extensive testing and refinement were undertaken to improve the functionality and performance of the device.

Preparation of space node launch

The team is gearing up to deploy a new space node on the International Space Station (ISS). The node will introduce innovative features, including multi-chain support within the node’s Key Management System and integration of zero-knowledge proof technology. These advancements signify SpaceChain’s ongoing commitment to enhancing space-based infrastructure and technology.

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