SpaceChain & SC Solutions May 2024 Report

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3 min readJun 3, 2024


Discussing business strategy and future plans

The executive team for SpaceChain and SC Solutions met in NYC last Saturday morning to catch up and discuss current affairs. CEO Cliff Beek, Co-founder/CTO Jeff Garzik, and Co-founder/Executive Chairman Zee Zheng were in attendance. They discussed business strategy, future plans, and more. It was a great opportunity for the leaders to align on key objectives and strategize for the future.

Revolutionizing commodity trading strategies

In the high-stakes world of commodity trading, information is everything. SC Solutions has introduced a groundbreaking revolution in data-driven decision-making, tailored specifically to customers’ needs. Commodity Traders can partner with us to transform their commodity trading strategies using advanced space AI technologies, and embrace the future with I-Sat insights while staying ahead in the market.


In the news

SC Solutions has been highlighted in a Geospatial World article for its collaboration with CERTIS/QIMA. This partnership focuses on improving biomass measurement and verification, which is essential for effective environmental monitoring and carbon farming. The collaboration aims to provide more accurate and accessible solutions for carbon sequestration, enhancing the overall sustainability efforts in agriculture. SC Solutions CEO Cliff Beek and CTO Ziheng Xiang are leading this innovative initiative, which demonstrates the team’s commitment to leveraging advanced technology for environmental and agricultural advancements.


Boosting farming efficiency

Did you know that SC Solutions is enchancing agricultural efficiency with precise analytics and health monitoring? Our technology boosts crop yields by 25% and productivity by 20%, providing 92% accurate data insights. This empowers farmers with strategic planning and optimal crop care, ensuring higher yields and improved productivity for a competitive edge. Learn more below.

Advancing handheld device development phase

The SpaceChain technical team has advanced the testing and development of the handheld device into its second phase. This phase focused on comprehensive testing and refinement to enhance the device’s functionality and performance. Great progress has been made in identifying areas for improvement and implementing necessary adjustments to ensure the device meets high standards of reliability and efficiency.

Preparing the new space node

Preparations for deploying a new Space Node on the International Space Station (ISS) are underway. The team has integrated the node software with the hardware and updated it to ensure compatibility and optimal performance. Testing of the final software version is ongoing to verify all systems are ready for launch. This rigorous process ensures the Space Node operates seamlessly once deployed, contributing to SpaceChain’s mission of expanding blockchain technology into space.

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