SpaceChain September 2022 Report

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5 min readSep 30, 2022



Partnership with SpaceBelt

We’re collaborating with SpaceBelt to enable services that combine their patented space-based cloud data storage capabilities with our blockchain-integrated satellite infrastructure and open source standard. This allows us to foster a robust market for space-based digital asset storage and payment services in the New Space Economy.

Kok Rie Ooi, Managing Director of SpaceBelt, said: “Working in partnership with SpaceChain will enable SpaceBelt to bring its deep capability in space-based cloud storage and managed network services to more innovators and leading enterprises looking to take advantage of the promises of the space economy. Both companies will integrate resources and know-how across commercial and technical fields to create truly unique offerings that will accelerate growth and development in the space industry.”

Read the full release below.


In the limelight

On Sept 6, SpaceChain Business Development Manager Evan Slattery was invited to speak at “Taking Web3 to Outer Space”. Held at DLT Lounge in London, the event was organized by Copernic Space and supported by Disruption Banking.

It was an insightful presentation and great networking session attended by many space professionals. The SpaceChain UK team also gathered to support Evan at the event.

Say hello to the SpaceChain UK team! From left: BeiFei Zhou, full-stack developer, Ziheng Xiang, Technology Director, and Evan Slattery, Business Development Manager.

Missed the presentation? Catch Evan in action here:

Space-Comm Expo 2022

While still in London, SpaceChain Business Development Manager Evan Slattery also attended the Space-Comm Expo 2022 in Farnborough.

“It was a brilliant exhibition of what the UK space industry has to offer. I had the chance to catch a panel about cybersecurity space assets, and met with many industry partners in the UK to discuss about upcoming projects,” said Evan. “It was also amazing to see the spacesuit worn by Ryan Gosling in the movie The First Man, and I absolutely loved the Lightning T.5 XS420 at Farnborough.”

Here are some pictures from the event.

SpaceChain in the news

Learn about SpaceChain’s solution to forward secure transaction data directly from networks of satellites through blockchain infrastructure and a handheld mobile device in this article by Disruption Banking.

Did you know?

SpaceChain is building a Decentralized Satellite Infrastructure (DSI) for blockchain with satellite-based applications. Positioning our in orbit platform, the SPC token will lead the industry enabling developers to create payment applications on the platform.

The SPC token works like a digital currency in the SpaceChain ecosystem. Utilities including access to machine learning features will be added to the DSI as a benefit to SPC token holders.

The community can also look forward to SpaceChain building a payment portal to access satellite data for our partners and some other space related services. For a start, SPC token can be used to unlock more financial products with its DeFi features.

Thanks to the many businesses and companies that partner with SpaceChain, the entire network is powered by and built on this token economic model. The SPC token will serve as a means for payment and transaction at all of SpaceChain’s partners.

In conversation with CEO — part 2 & 3

Learn more about SpaceChain’s plans with CEO Cliff Beek.

In part 2 of this series, Cliff shares more about SpaceChain’s headquarters, his immediate strategy for the company, his plans about raising capital, and increasing awareness about SpaceChain.

In part 3 of our trilogy, Cliff gives his take on working with developing and developed nations and expanding the company’s product spectrum.


Blockchain node hardware

This month, we have been working with our partner to complete all the preparation work for the upcoming launch. The node payload has been delivered to the launch service provider.

SpaceChain handheld device development

We have been working on the product design of the handheld device for the next phase and making subsequent plans for the future development. We are also working with our partner to conduct a more detailed analysis of the device in full preparation for the subsequent staff arrangement and development plans of hardware.

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