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SpaceChain Timeline

[Updated June 2021]


November 2018

Started testing the functions of the space node in orbit. Started business in the United Kingdom with SpaceChain UK.

October 2018

Completed the development of the hardware board. The second-generation Qtum-based blockchain node was launched into space on 25 Oct 2018.

August 2018

Completed the final version of the space node hardware board for the second launch.

July 2018

Released the SpaceChain OS documents on GitHub.

May 2018

Started integration of Ethereum (ETH) on the SpaceChain OS to enable support of ETH and its Dapps.

March 2018

Finished Qtum integration on the SpaceChain OS

February 2018

Launched the first Qtum-based blockchain node into space on 2 February 2018




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