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SpaceChain Weekly Report (Dec 16–22)

Check out CEO Zee Zheng’s radio interview, and see what CCO Nick Trudgen has been up to in Washington D.C. Also, the technical team implemented numerous improvements with the SpaceChain server.


Qbao token swap

Last week, there was a brief downtime but Qbao has resumed its services to help swap ourSPC-QRC to SPC-ERC tokens. Moving forward, this will be the only swap transfer they will perform. Swaps from SPC-ERC to SPC-QRC tokens will not longer be available.

We highly encourage the community to swap their SPC tokens from QRC to ERC as soon as possible in case of disruption of services in future.

International Astronautical Federation

We are thrilled to announce our membership with the International Astronautical Federation (IAF).The IAF was founded in 1951 when scientists from the field of space research gathered in an attempt to ensure a constant dialogue between the space-faring nations, regardless of political backdrops.

“We are very excited to be part of such an esteemed organisation built on the idea that space exploration and industry should be for all nations and that cooperation is the key for building the new space economy,” said Zee.

Read more here.

SpaceChain is looking for a new team member

We’re growing our team in Singapore and looking for a Business Development Manager to lead our business development. We need someone with experience in pitching deep tech products and services, and who understands the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Will you be the one? Do you know anyone who could be a good fit? Send your resume and cover letter to


Zee Zheng gives an interview on MONEY FM 89.3

In a Singapore radio segment called “Mind your Business” with presenters Howie Lim & Bernard Lim, Zee gave an overview of our latest launch, the significance of this milestone, and more! Listen to the podcast here.

Business meetings in Washington D.C.

CCONick Trudgen visited Nanoracks’ office in Washington, D.C. and was treated to a taster of space whiskey and space cookies. The cookies were aged in space, and reportedly “tastes like throat lozenges and rubbery smoke,” said Nick.

In addition, he also met with various companies such as Virgin Galactic, DARPA, China Aerospace Studies Institute & Secure World Foundation.

SpaceChain gets invited to the New Space Economy ExpoForum

SpaceChain UK Technology Manager Ziheng Xiang received an invitation from the European Space Agency to speak at the New Space Economy ExpoForum cybersecurity session. The main topic of this session is the use of satellite to enhance cyber security. Ziheng introduced the audience to SpaceChain’s the multisig wallet technology, and shared more about the team’s latest research and development including blockchain-AI and the decentralised satellite internet.

Several questions were raised by the audience, including SpaceChain’s general strategy, the commercialisation of multisig wallet and whether the multisig scheme could be used for IoT.

Dec 7 AMA compilation

We’ve finished compiling the Q&A from the Dec 7 AMA and published on our new Medium publication blog. Read it here.


The technical team has solved someSpaceChain server’s issues.

  1. Adjusted the process of payment verification during user registration.
  2. Modified billing system.
  3. Added procedures for handling cases of invalid transactions being unable to be broadcasted.
  4. Improved the back-end logging system.
  5. Modified the deployment mechanism of timed script tasks of client server.
  6. Users can use their Gmail account for wallet registration and receiving OTP during the transaction authentication.

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