The foundation of SpaceChain’s growth & future

SpaceChain CEO Cliff Beek shares more about our business progress, development plans, and how we’re leveraging the latest industry trends to grow and expand further.

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3 min readNov 7, 2022


In the past few months, we have been reviewing our competitive position with integrating blockchain and space, and turning our findings into strategic opportunities.

Mission one: Blockchain multisignature node

Our first mission was to offer high-value solutions by integrating a blockchain platform on existing satellite service providers’ infrastructure by way of introducing its space hardened blockchain multisignature node.

Our intent to enable decentralization of transactional applications on board spacecrafts has successfully provided the exchange and tokenization that proved to unleash adjacent value for service providers seeking to capture new revenue opportunities from their satellite portfolio.

Identifying and managing growth opportunities

Our heritage of success paved the way for the next mission of SpaceChain’s commercial activities. We recognize the robust growth of the market since SpaceChain’s formation, most notably declining barriers to space and compressed launch costs due to multiple entrants with ambitious objectives.

Some new entrants have achieved fabulous success, though the use cases for constellations did not necessarily ignite differentiation for industry. For SpaceChain, however, we view this as a commercial opportunity — lower launch cost, increased space assets in orbit, and refreshed platforms all have created the perfect environment for us to monetize and accelerate growth.

Mission two: Global satellite-based digital asset transaction device

Within this context, SpaceChain aims to build on our achievements by integrating blockchain-space infrastructure to lead an emerging trend for mobile devices and blockchain nodes.

SpaceChain has begun to broaden its heritage of blockchain into the design and perspectives that incorporate terrestrial mobile with satellite systems. Two factors have encouraged us in this endeavor. First, advancing interest for “democratizing” users access to space services by integrating handheld devices with satellite communication protocols. And second, giving the user the freedom and opportunity for directing content flow on a wider variety of technologies.

We are excited to be involved with, and making an early impact, to one of the most important long-term advancements in our industry. We’ll keep you updated!

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