What Will Be The Next Social Media Platform?

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Everything we could ask for from the media world already exists in some form of an app or platform. We get our pictures from Instagram, our random thoughts from Twitter, our life stories from Facebook, our real-time snapshots from Snapchat, and our videos from vine (do people still use vine?). We get our music from Spotify and Pandora and our DIY projects from Pinterest. We get our entertainment news from Buzz-feed and our business connections through LinkedIn. In a world where we have everything we need already, what comes next?

Somehow, new content is constantly in creation. We probably thought we never needed any other social platform when we encountered Facebook for the first time. Now, it seems impossible to function without all the social media applications we now have. But at some point they never existed and we somehow managed. So where do these revolutionary ideas come from?

I’ve been asking a lot of questions in this article and that’s because I’m genuinely confused on what else we could possibly create. It turns out, this very blog site was invented by one of Twitter’s creators. A new idea comes from solving an existing problem or inconvenience. Music sites like Spotify and Pandora were introduced when people didn’t want to pay for all their music anymore. Twitter likely came about because consumers wanted a quick and short way of knowing what their friends were up to, rather than reading novels on Facebook.

The next trendy site will come from solving an existing problem. My first thought was food (naturally) but sites already exist to order food online such as Tapingo and GrubHub. Think of any problem and there truly is “an app for that”.

My next thought after food is of course shopping. I always bounce around from site to site while online shopping and my online shopping carts are full on every internet tab I have open. Pretty inconvenient in my opinion. What if there was a way to create ONE shopping cart for everything you wanted to buy? I want new sneakers from Nike, a blender from Amazon, makeup from Sephora, and a blouse from Express. Instead of making four separate transactions on my card, is there a way to combine all my favorite items in one location, type in my card information, and click order?

Of course there would have to be a way to separate items to allocate prices to each business, make it possible for returns, coordinate different shipping speeds, etc. But no social platform was created without hitting roadblocks. It can be done.

This is just one idea of the thousands that will probably be created within the year. Social platforms truly are in constant creation and it all comes from solving one problem or inconvenience. I want a shopping app that solves my multiple-tab dilemma. What is your next big idea?

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