[Lockup Announcement]
Announcement of BLOOD Token’s Total Lockup (Unlock for 2 years about the assigned Foundation and Team) — November, 06th, 2019

BLOOD Manager
Nov 7, 2019 · 2 min read
Lockup Announcement

Hello, we are the BLOOD Team.
We are announcing that we have set Unlock period about the assigned Foundation and Team to 2 years for the development of a healthy BLOOD Ecosystem.
We are not planning to increase the volume of BLOOD Tokens as it is released more than the announcement, and depending on the market situation, Lockup conditions may be strengthened for future BLOOD Ecosystem participants.

The Total Lockup of the BLOOD Token can be found in the table below.

BLOOD Token’s Total Lockup

In addition, BLOOD Token will distribute from November, 07th, 2019 [GMT+8].
BLOOD Token distribution may take some time depending on the Ethereum network conditions and transfer time.
We will announce when all BLOOD Token distribution is completed.

BLOOD will be listed on BitForex BTC market on November, 13th, 2019. After the first listing, BLOOD will be listed on USDT market depending on market conditions.

Thank you.


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