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3 min readJan 11, 2022


Blood Rune is all about combining the best of two worlds. The joy of holding cards in your hands and syncing your collection to the Blood Rune App. You can hold our physical game close to your heart, but just wait until you plug into it! ;)

We’ve been carefully crafting Blood Rune since late 2020, writing, drawing, playtesting and developing the Blood Rune App. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. We’re delighted to show you what’s coming.We’re hard at work crafting the game’s Core Gameplay, Bestiary, Lore, Pantheons of gods and heroes, and the Game Economy. We want to share these key milestones and areas of focus so that you know what you can expect from us.


November: Fundraising event.

December: Story development. Begin production of initial physical cards for play testing. Token pre-sale and #1 mint auctions concluded.


January: Story development.

February: Playtesting: Ship play-test boxes for most valued community members. Community growth.

March: GDC. Playtesting. Promotional focus.

April: Playtesting. Finalizing gameplay mechanics.

May: Factory contract finalization.

June: Principal photography of Blood Rune: The Ember series.

July: Debut of Blood Rune: The Ember. Promotional

August: Kickstarter Aug 1. Gen Con playtests Aug 4–7.

September: Final submission of product specs to factory.

December: Season 2 Development


January: Blood Rune App development.

March: Bestiary planning.

April: Expected delivery of Season 1 Core Sets.

Thank you once again to everyone who participated in the pre-sale and bought heroes and Founders Tokens. We have an eventful year ahead and look forward to sharing our progress with the community as we go. Follow our journey and chat with other community members by joining our Discord and Telegram, and subscribing to our socials.


The Spirits in the world are infinite. We have descended from the very stones that pave the belly of Ár Tímans, the Sky River. Yet every stone within the Sky River is unique. Most are ordinary, smoothed over by the passage of time and indistinguishable from their neighbor. But a number of stones are special — they are not content to lay frozen in their place, rather they yearn to find another place in the river, cast to their rightful place by the unerring arm of Fate. These stones bear a hidden mark, a Blood Rune, that knows the light of their Spirit, but also betrays the darkest corners of their Mind. It is the work of the Shaman to learn all 24 Blood Runes, for they are the window to the Spirit.

Donovar Greystark



Blood Rune
Blood Rune

Blood Rune is a legacy role-playing card game of heroes in search of fame, fortune, love and power in a world trapped in an alternate time stream.