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Progress Update

Hello Blood Rune fans!

Our Kickstarter campaign isn’t likely to reach its funding goal before it closes. While the game was universally praised by fans at GenCon, we have found that the existing configuration of the core set is too expensive. We’ve decided to suspend this Kickstarter campaign and refocus our efforts on making Blood Rune more accessible without compromising on quality. We’ll be back soon to launch an even better version of Blood Rune.

To this end we’ll focus on several key areas:

Cost: We will reduce the number of plastic components to lower the overall price of the core game. We are also creating a smaller starter set to make joining a game of Blood Rune even easier and keep the ecological footprint light.

Early Adopter Program: We will engage the community with our new Early Adopter Program. Early Adopters will get free printable copies of the game and the opportunity to share their insights to make Blood Rune even better. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more!

  • Free printable Early Adopter kit
  • Get news about live campaign events
  • All Early Adopters will be credited in our game

Community: We will begin running a series of local campaigns to test the mettle and cunning of our fans. Sign up for our newsletter to learn more!

  • Every player that levels up to Grand Master will win a free copy of the game.
  • Heroes that gain the most Prestige will have their character added to the core game as Legendary Heroes.

Join our mailing list now to claim your free printable Early Adopter Kit! You’ll also get all the latest updates for local campaign events and news about Blood Rune’s development.

Thank you all for supporting Blood Rune. We can’t wait to share all of the amazing content we’ve planned for upcoming seasons. We couldn’t have hoped for better fans to join us on this adventure!



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Xavier Torres

Xavier Torres

Xavier is a game production professional. He’s currently the director of operations for the team behind Blood Rune, the rapid roleplaying collectible card game.