Summer is coming

The weather in the North hemisphere is getting better and that means that the music festival season is on. During the last five years the number of festivals in North America and Europe has doubled; with this kind of offer it is almost impossible not to feel attracted or identified with the value that this social events are trying to sell us.

Music festivals let us get closer to artists we love along with people with similar interests.

Some history about Festivals

Is a very important part of being a human to fulfill the need to get together with similar people in order to celebrate or commemorate an important event (like the olympics).

The first example regarding music festivals that comes to almost anybody’s mind is Woodstock, the mythical 1960’s festival was born as a part of a revolution against the established, a way to unify the people in a pacific way and also a demonstration of how a protest could be held in a different way.

Some years later in the late 90’s the music festivals like Lollapalooza (that began as a farewell event for the band Jane’s Addiction) transformed into a very popular event among young people, that situation was criticized for becoming too “corporate” compared to the uniqueness of the grunge movement of that time.

What caused the boom within the festivals during the 2000’s was Coachella; an event that demands more involvement from the audience by creating an offer for all the musical tastes, integrating visual and interactive art and also by promoting sustainability and social responsibility.

The music festivals are growing incredibly fast, a lot of factors are modifying the behaviour of the music industry, making the artists focus more on this events to have them as a main source of income.

But how do we apply it to our project?

The main touchpoint and revenue during the year for our client is the IAM Weekend.

What happens in the music industry can be compared to what IAM can offer, but instead of music their offer is information and connections.

Some might think: nowadays is almost unthinkable not having this services for free, mostly because it’s being generated 24/7 online, so why do I have to pay for this?

Well nowadays getting quality and curated content for a specific audience is getting way too complicated. That’s where IAM comes with their own unique offer and value to the clients.

As it is mentioned in their website “IAM Weekend is a unique event that discovers, inspires and connects diverse perspectives about the futures of media, education and the arts, celebrating the randomness of internet culture every year in Barcelona.”

Until the next time