My Internship at Bloom

Cryptocurrency, working remote, and more!

Jasper Martin
Feb 10, 2019 · 6 min read
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I applied as an Intern Software Engineer at Bloom last August 2018. For the span of 15 weeks, I learned many things, mostly about cryptocurrency and how it works.

I stumbled upon Bloom when I was searching for companies that is involved with crypto. I visited their site then found that they’re using Ruby/Rails in their stack. I applied because I was interested on learning how crypto works and the tech behind it, plus they’re using Rails in their stack which I am using in building simple web apps. I sent my application through email along with my resume. After a couple of days, Ramon, the CTO of Bloom, replied to my application. We did an online interview, and I got accepted.

Working on projects

I got to learn how to use Sidekiq and Redis. While working on the gem, I always get confused because it is actually my first time using stellar_sdk and my first time in building a real gem. I failed many times, so I got Ramon to help me. We wrote the tests cases with RSpec.

After working on stellar_spectrum, I worked on another project called stellar_multisig. stellar_multisig is a Rails Engine that aims to secure transactions through Multisignatures. It was like creating a Ruby gem, but with models, controllers and routes. Working on stellar_multisig is fun because I got to hone my skills on TDD and building RESTful APIs.

Expectations and realizations

Lessons learned and experiences on internship

Adopting TDD in your workflow isn’t bad

1-on-1 meetings with your manager

Two-way communication between you and your manager is the best way of learning. You get the chance to speak and listen and your manager also get the chance to speak and listen. This 1-on-1 conversation is the best avenue of your career development because you get to ask the person who is most likely a senior who has a lot of experience in the field. This is the opportunity you wouldn’t want to miss, as you can ask tips on how to tackle problems in your field. It also makes you more performant employee, by asking how do you do, and 1-on-1 also boosts your self-confidence.

Me, as an intern, having 1-on-1 talks with Ramon really helped me foresee what career will I take after I graduate. He advised me on what work environment should an employee take based on the employee’s needs and wants.

Working remotely/ remote pairing

Trying out unfamiliar tools that enhance workflow and productivity

Next is tmate, which enables us to pair remotely on the terminal through SSH. This is the perfect tool for people who code in terminal, like Vim or Emacs. tmate is what we use at Bloom when we are pair programming and want to share a terminal session.

I also got to use RSpec and FactoryBot for TDD. These tools is super efficient when building Rails apps or gems. FactoryBot is used for creating test data, and RSpec for creating unit tests.

Communication is the key


It was a great experience working here at Bloom. I really learned a lot not only as a software engineer but also as a future professional person. I really like the people here at Bloom because they are always accommodating and nice. I realized I could’ve done more, but I wish this is not the end of my journey in the blockchain technology.

If you are finding an internship as a software engineer, inclined in learning crypto and knows how to code in Ruby, then I definitely recommend taking an internship here at Bloom.


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