What is “blooooggers”?

The more than obvious title reveals the nature of this blog, or does it?

See, “blooooggers,” with four o’s, marks the beginning of a serious expedition into a really random blog. Here, anything goes! (a quite postmodern attitude, if I say so.) By anything, I mean serious or foolish. Isn’t that what expression is all about? For example, this post itself is a “serious” introduction into something that shouldn’t be taken so seriously (at least this blog, anyway). Sure, there are countless blogs that are self-referential and encompass serious and foolish matters, but this one was created by me (hectorpoof)!

“blooooggers” is my first experience as a blogger, so I don’t know how it will turn out. The idea was suggested by a friend, Sergio. He thought it would be a cool idea to create a blog where we share our thoughts. I didn’t say much at first since blogging is so foreign. Yet lately, I began to consider what I believe are the benefits of blogging. Like any form of writing, blogging requires a level of seriousness found in the arts. But, as this blog is not to be taken so serious, it is hard to say whether this is an artistic endeavor or not. It may just be a fling. The benefits, however, will always be there; even if I decide to abandon this project.

The benefits of writing are pretty obvious, so I don’t feel the need to outline them in this introduction. Perhaps that will be my next post. What I do hope to outline is my attempt at blogging for the first time. So far, it feels like I am writing in a journal, which is what blogging is in essence. Journals are about sharing one’s interests; that’s what this blog is about! I hope to share my thoughts on philosophy, music, politics, gaming, poetics, life, death, etc. It really doesn’t matter what I write about as this blog isn’t to be taken too seriously. I believe this foundation of “light-seriousness” relieves a lot of the pressure that accompanies writing.

I tend not to be serious about my writing, but I know that writing is usually a serious thing. “blooooggers” is really about that paradoxical philosophy. Psychoanalytically, it may appear as a defense mechanism which protects the writer from any criticism. I think that’s true too. Who wants to be critically scrutinize when one shares such intimate thoughts? No one, really. I am not against criticism, in fact I encourage it. So from this post, I would like feedback on whether I blogged appropriately. But even this statement seems to be without merit since art has become so difficult to criticize in a postmodern age. I think this is why I have difficulty determining the level of “seriousness” this blog is about. The least I can say now is that this blog is a leisurely pursuit. However, when I searched on YouTube “how to blog,” I learned blogging can be turned into a career. One has to accumulate a large following in order to produce ad revenue. This is where the “seriousness” of blogging unfolds for me. Since blogging is an art form, one can dedicate their entire life to sharing their ideas on this medium! I think that’s what is so daunting. I’m just getting ahead of myself…

“blooooggers” is nothing more than another blog. I will be posting on here for as long as I can. I will invite some friends to join the conversation. I surely need more experience with blogging. I want to see where it fits in my life. I still wonder why Sergio suggested it: what enticed him to want to pick up such hobby? He probably thinks its fun. Anyway, I do feel proud of this work, so that’s a good start!