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Blow Your Stack

Defacing Priceless Works of Art is an Insane Way to Protest Oil

Don’t be an idiot

Let me give you a hypothetical situation. Suppose I vehemently oppose the inhumane eating of Alaskan snow crab, a species so over-harvested that the entire fishing season for this year was just cancelled. Suppose also that I am an engaged activist and want to bring attention to this travesty in order to bring it to a halt. What…



‘Blow Your Stack’ is a space to rant and rave about *almost anything. If something winds you up, we want to hear it expressed in the wittiest, funniest, most entertaining way possible.

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Paul Combs

Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school may take a while.