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Blow Your Stack

The History of Tipping Is More Troubling Than You Ever Imagined

Serfdom, anyone?

I was hard at work this morning on one of my typical serious journalistic pieces (“Using the Numerology of Springsteen’s Lyrics to Win the Lottery”) when an article on CNN caught my eye (if you’re wondering how I was hard at work writing while also scrolling through CNN’s website, it’s called multi-tasking, not procrastination)…



‘Blow Your Stack’ is a space to rant and rave about *almost anything. If something winds you up, we want to hear it expressed in the wittiest, funniest, most entertaining way possible.

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Paul Combs

Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school may take a while.