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Blow Your Stack

The My Pillow Guy Says I’m Going to Prison for Voter Fraud

And all of you are, too

Mike Lindell, Pillow King and New Sheriff in Town (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

If you’re unsure what the new year has in store for you, wonder no longer. Apparently I, you, and everyone else in the good old USA are headed to the same place: prison. While this was not what I expected, it’s good to know things like this in advance.




‘Blow Your Stack’ is a space to rant and rave about *almost anything. If something winds you up, we want to hear it expressed in the wittiest, funniest, most entertaining way possible.

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Paul Combs

Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school may take a while.

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