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Blow Your Stack

The Person Who Infuriated Me the Most this Week Was…Me

A brief rant at myself

Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

As the time for my weekly rant approached, I scanned the headlines to see which world event had set me off the most. Putin’s ongoing madness in Ukraine? I’ve written about that multiple times already. The dumpster fire that is the U.S. political/economic/social situation? That has become like screaming at the rain; it doesn’t change…




‘Blow Your Stack’ is a space to rant and rave about *almost anything. If something winds you up, we want to hear it expressed in the wittiest, funniest, most entertaining way possible.

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Paul Combs

Paul Combs

Writer, bookseller, would-be roadie for the E Street Band. My ultimate goal is to make books as popular in Texas as high school may take a while.

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