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A Quick Note Before Sleeping

Wed 3:40am

By Brandon Lopez on Unsplash

I am working so hard on my studies. I have been living here so such a long time, and only now I can see that I am learning. I had tried to study on different occasions, with different approaches. Now I have a target with a date to be complete, and it is giving me the focus to do it.

This inner strength is also present towards all of my goals. I am thinking about solutions instead of problems. I am afraid to check my emails or answer the phone, but if I don’t face my challenges, they will never leave me.

What I see is a pattern that has happened before. The difference now is that I have a clear view of what worked previously and what didn’t. I am leaving this cycle pretty soon as I am breaking the pattern and moving forward.

I will check all the goals in my schedule. They used to be thoughts and intentions; now they are plans and actions with a deadline.

I am working on a lot of writing for this week. I even have a paid translation this week, and it is taking me some time to edit, as my other writings.

Thank you for the reading.

Ps.: I feel asleep in front of the notebook, so it’s a later post.