The Opportune Moment

First Kiss is Beer

(A snippet from : ‘Blown by Seven’ — A Medium Series).

Let’s not give credit to the hormones for an intimate lip lock moment, especially if it’s your first. Have patience for the opportune moment if you wish to be kissed right. Beer taught me this, a month before my 18th birthday.

The Opportune Moment in The Crude Shade

That day, Ananya and I rode to the Dudhsagar waterfalls. We loved the crude shade at the foothills. It’s a romantic place to spend the mornings. That morning of January of 2004 she handed a beer, much to my surprise. I never had beer in the morning. and we never drank together ever. Besides, both families allowed consumption of alcohol during vacations only, provided he/she is 18. Rules!!!

“Forget rules, Memo! Enjoy the moment.” She said winking looking back and whispering flirtatiously, “You’ve been a good boy. Next month you’ll be a man. she said opening her beer and passing the opener to me. Let’s raise a toast to your ‘manhood’…!”

The beer was in my hand and I so wanted to have it. Ananya was sitting beside me in that crude shade, waiting for me to pop open my pint. The weather was getting beautiful with rainbows over the valley. She had hung a sheet on the crude shade to avoid the flying water droplets from the waterfall to drench us. We wanted to do this someday— having beer together as a couple. “Cheers then..?” she broke the thought with a concerned voice. Popping open my beer, we raised a toast to my manhood…! Finally, the long wait for this much fantasized opportune moment was over and now we were in one. It was beautiful. Just like we had envisaged in our late night chats on the beach.

But then there were the raging hormones to take care of. A 20 year old girl and a almost 18 year old boy can’t be expected to enjoy beer in a total solitude. After a some sips and chit chat, a childhood friendship crossed its boundaries in a perfect setting for a perfect first kiss. We kissed. In those 5 minutes we spoke 5 times. I leaving it to the readers to decide which lines are mine and which are hers:

“Are we in one of those opportune moments??!”

Yes… ”

“Don’t tell me you planned this too”

“What do you think?”

“You did…?! Now, shut the F up…!”

An intimate liplock didn’t allow us to speak at all after that. An important and cheeky question was asked after the kiss.

“First time?”

“Yes… You?”


“It tasted like beer…, no?”

“Yes… I was going say the same!”

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